Why I Blog

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, or if you at least browse it and check out my monthly output, you might be pushed to ask why I still continue to blog (when, where others post at least 30 articles a month, I am able to post only 8). Obviously, mine is pathetic compared to the cool blogs out there who follow the gurus who say one must post at least 3 articles (ok, at least one) per day.


Once upon a time, a civil engineer (who didn’t practice his engineering profession because he worked, upon graduation, with a private banking institution), decided to shift careers by plunging into the programming field (even as he was still cramming to learn the basics). Before even getting to the intermediate level of programming, his boss decided to move him into the website design and programming department. So, again, he crammed to learn HTML, PHP and MySQL. PHP turned out to be so cool that he got addicted to it. Addiction doesn’t mean mastery though. He learned just enough to be dangerous if provoked.

Having known the sense of freedom in blogging, and the pride of having a domain in his name, he saved enough dollars to buy a domain and webhosting . Long story short, he started blogging and for the very first month he was able to produce (…drum roll…) one article. And it was not even a real post… just an introduction to his family tree, with more names than verbs and adjectives.

So, Why Did I Blog?

Freedom of expression. The desire to hone some writing skills. Pride. I guess those were my motivations when I started out. I envied those cool guys who had their names extended with a .com after it. And though I don’t have much to say, I still value whatever I do manage to write out.

Then I learned the responsibility that comes with owning a blog. As time went by, I realized that my readership has gradually increased. Thus, while heretofore I just write whenever I feel like writing, I discovered that bloggers have a responsibility to provide something akin to a regular offering to their readers. I mean, you don’t want to disappoint a reader when he comes around the next time and finds no new content on your blog. This ‘responsibility’ of course tends to ruin the fun in my own brand of blogging. This means that, whereas I used to write and publish only when I feel like writing, now I am sort of pressured to make a post at some point, even when I don’t feel like it. However this ‘pressure’ is favourable for my other reason to blog – to hone whatever writing skills I have. This pushes me to do some research work and write about something I sometimes previously had little or no knowledge about. This ‘pressure’ widened my circle of interest, my circle of knowledge.

So, Why Do I Continue To Blog?

As I continue to gradually familiarize myself with the ins and outs of the online world, I heard of bloggers who make a living out of blogging. Getting exposed to such magnificient forums like the warriorforum also taught me a lot about the various ways of earning online. So, I did a little experiment with one of those ideas and had some mild success with it. Now, I have one more reason to continue blogging. The fact that I shelled out a few bucks to arm myself with a few tools (e.g. MNF ) proves that I’m leaning towards the serious side of the business. And I never regretted having invested in such a magnificient tool as Micro Niche Finder .

This blog is my personal blog, like I’ve always iterated many times in earlier posts. It is not my earning site although it does generate a few bucks every now and then. It is not an earner, but it’s the blog that I proudly point to when friends or other folks ask if I have any online presence. In fact, in the last job interview I had, it was this blog that I pointed out to when they asked if I had some writing experience. And together with that self-provided ‘responsibility’ I mentioned earlier, it thus behooves me to write at least 8 posts per month. Yes, I’ll continue to blog enjoyably.