Family Law Programs

This block of text including the h2-tagged subtitle “Family Law Programs” is enclosed with the section start/end tags and is supposed to be used to target the ads to focus on these keywords.

So, let’s try to focus on family law programs and more family law programs. This should invoke ads about family law programs or at least something about family or law or lawyers or something to that effect.

End of family law programs.

Domain Names

Now since this block of text with a subtitle of domain names is outside the start/end tags, this should not be noticed by google in displaying ads here. Let’s give focus on domain names to make this believable. Domain Names are names that you find in the url text box in your browser.

End of Domain Names.


Looks like none of the two blocks or any text within the blog for that matter was considered. The ads were all about humanitarian, religious, utilitarian and ‘does god exist’ types. Weight=ignore doesn’t work either.


Not in this blog.

HEY WAIT! After a few minutes of being left alone, I tried refreshing it and lo and behold, it displayed ads that contain nothing but law, lawyers, family law, etc. Not a squeak about Domain Names. Wow, looks like it works after all.

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