Here’s another most often-preached principle by the gurus that I personally have the benefit of proving to myself to be true – the power of the keyword in the domain name. Like I’ve said in a previous post, I’ve just recently taken keyword research seriously. Pessimist as I am, I often find myself wondering if the preachings of the web gurus, one of which being the effectiveness of keywords in the domain name, are true. I guess there are several ways to find out, but there’s only one way to go about it where the result of which I will believe a hundred percent. And that is to try and see it for myself.

I got to my computer and did the usual procedures someone who has just learned about keyword research would do. It might have been very easy to just pick any keyphrase that doesn’t have any commercial value because it would have the least competition, if not none at all. But I said to myself, it would be a much better proof, should it succeed, to try a keyphrase that not only will appear within the first page of a google search but also earn as well, say, in adsense.

Long story short, I came up with a keyphrase that I fancy to have some commercial/adsense value. It’s got the markings of a good keyphrase as defined by the seo masters. It has a considerable search count value (well, at least it’s got more than a thousand); has low competition; has low search returns when searched with quotes around the keyphrase. And most importantly, the domain name is still available without me having to resort to the use of hyphens.

One seo master boasted of his site appearing in the first page of google on the third day after he launched his site in his server. This really got me worried because I can’t even find my site using “site:mykeyphrase.tld” on google for 5 days. Google got it indexed on the 6th day and only the main page (I had initially uploaded 3 pages in all), although “cache:mykeyphrase.tld” says it was cached on the second day after launch. I remember how elated I was to see that the site was finally indexed. The next day however was a downer in that it appears that google forgot about it and says it has not indexed the site. I searched frantically for some advise about the matter online. Some discussions say this situation is normal and is no reason to worry about. Google is not only not human, but is also not perfect. Some say this situation reeks of the smell of a site being banned for some reason or another.

Somehow, the impatient part of me (the dominant one) surprisingly agreed not to conclude just now that the experiment is a failure. It turned out to be one good decision because the very next day, I found out that it had re-appeared in google’s index. Not only that, it is now in the first page of the google search results for the keyphrase. Conclusion? The SEO gurus are right. A keyphrase in the domain name does help a lot. My site is among the entries in the first page of google! Number 1? Nope. But the conclusion of this experiment brings me to the beginning of another experiment. And that is to prove that backlinking work will help push a site up the rankings.

And oh, let me add that it earned $2.35 in adsense on its first day. A measly earning you might say but it puts the $ sign to my little $uccess.


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