The Same Sex Marriage / Gay Marriage Issue

Same sex marriage has become such a very controversial issue today that I can’t help but take a peek at what people are thinking about the matter. I usually shy away from news because I know 99% of it is bad news. Only bad news sells after all. But same sex marriage seems to be the ‘in‘ issue this time, so I guess I might as well teleport in and hover around to satisfy my curiosity about the matter.

Are you anti or pro gay marriage?

After a few hours of browsing through a lot of information, making sure to check out both sides as best as I can, I found that for each of the reasons that the anti same sex marriage advocates are shouting about, the pro same sex marriage or gay marriage side seem to be able to give very qualified rebuttals. Here are some of the interesting ones:

  • Gay marriage is a traditional taboo.
    • Here is a list of other ‘traditional taboos’:
      • Women are not allowed to vote. Women can not own properties.
      • Black people do not have rights. They are a race of slaves.
      • The bible tells us of slaves. We should still have slaves now. Less overhead for business.
      • Men should still be able to rape their unwilling wives now without punishment.
      • America should be ruled by the King of England.
  • Same sex marriage devalues the institution and ruins the sanctity of marriage. The definition of marriage is perfect as it is now. Changing this definition will breakdown the family and culture. The nation will degenerate. Other stupid things will eventually be legalized, e.g. marrying your pet.
    • The sanctity of marriage is threatened more by divorce, and by people who marry for the looks or the money and then later go sleep with other sexual partners.
    • Sanctity? The sanctity of Britney Spears’ 16-hours-only just-for-fun-heterosexual-marriage will be ruined?
    • The heterosexuals do not look at marriage too highly. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have legalized divorce. Gays give value to marriage more. Otherwise they wouldn’t have wanted the legalization of gay marriage.
    • Countries where same sex marriage have been legalized, e.g. Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, did not degenerate. The effect on the rate of heterosexual marriage have not changed. Their soceity remained much like any other country. No strange stupid things have occured.
    • What is the definition of family? Venereal disease control? Well, we want that protection too.
  • The bible is against it.
    • So you are a zealous Christian who doesn’t want gays to go to hell? Well, FYI, there are open satanic churches today because the law allows such freedom. Why don’t you start by trying your best to bring these satanic worshippers back to the fold. Then when you succeed with that, try the atheists, then of course the other religions, especially the non-Christian ones because only your religion is right, hypocrite! Then we’ll talk about gay marriage.
    • Several verses in Leviticus condemn certain behaviors in the Mosaic Code. Using the Hebrew word “to’ebah”, they consider the following to be ritually impure: having a tattoo, wearing shirts made of cotton and polyester, partaking a meal with people from other religions, eating lobster/shrimps, planting several kinds of grass in your front lawn, etc. These taboos, including gay marriage, are good as ‘moot and academic’ today.
  • Unnatural. A real family should be one that can bear offspring.
    • Then a couple where one or both parties is/are infertile is unnatural. There are a lot of heterosexual marriages where both parties are unwilling to bear children even if they naturally can.
  • Children adopted by gay families will become gay. Children exposed to this society will be encouraged to become gay.
    • Children raised by straight families are all straight?
    • Environmental exposure may have a role in forming sexual preferences, encouraging experimentation, but a naturally straight kid will stay straight no matter what; just as a naturally gay kid will stay gay no matter what ‘military’ training you heap on him.
  • The general population is against it.
    • This is the same situation centuries ago for racial civil rights and interracial marriage. The status of marriage changes just as society changes.
    • Just as the issue on inter-racial marriage a long time ago is backed by nothing more than prejudice, fear and bigotry, so is the issue on same-sex marriage.

Logic-wise, the pro- same sex marriage faction seem better off than the anti- gay marriage group. It is only in the religion side of the coin do they seem to falter. But they are also right to argue that they are particularly only after the legal aspect of marriage at the moment, not a church approval. And the government should not mix religion with matters of law anyway. Otherwise, specific freedoms like freedom to join any religion, eg. satanism, would not exist today.


  1. Perhaps you can call me conservative, but I know instinctively that this same sex marriage thing is gonna have serious repercussions later on. Or, it could also be that this generation is not yet ripe enough to handle this matter.

  2. I go with the “to each his own” concept. The whole ‘if allowed I will be less important’ argument, to me anyway, is shameful, ignorant and insulting. People are afraid of change.

    With that said, I think being ‘gay’ is completely different than being a freak. There are a lot of slutty freaks out there on both sides of the fence, gay and heterosexual. The ignorant tend to overlook the heterosexual freaks and associate all gays as freaks. That’s Right, I Said It!

    It looks like I’m the second to find this post from your ‘Best of 2009’ post. Nice job 😉
    .-= Brian D. Hawkins´s latest blog ..Chicken On Chicken Burgers With Bacon Recipe =-.

    1. Hi Brian! Thanks for browsing through some of my 2009 articles. 2009 is the year I started blogging and thus the birth year of

  3. I really like what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and exposure! Keep up the good works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

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