Thinking of Earning Money From My Photos

I’ve accumulated a considerable number of photographs after almost a year of on and off hobby-photography and am now thinking of earning money from these photos. Although I still felt I need to learn a lot, I’ve gained at least a wee bit of confidence in my photography. Yes, I do some post processing, but who doesn’t these days? I’ve seen some photos from folks who who don’t do post processing and a lot of them are just not that pleasing to the eye.

One of my friends asked me how he can make money out of his photographs. I’ve seen a lot of his photos which he posted on facebook and flickr and they’re all awesome. He especially makes stunning landscapes. That brought me to thinking about making use of my photos to earn too.

One possible way to earn is through a photo-blog. I have blogger friends who have photo-blogs but I’ve never asked them how much they earn using the adsense blocks they put up in those blogs. From what I’ve learned so far in the blogging arena, keywords are key to gaining (the right) traffic and thus earnings. My biased belief is that one doesn’t earn much, adsense-wise, with photo blogs that post random pictures of anything. If they do, then there must be some structure and strategy they use that I’ve yet to know about. Some photo blogs I love to visit are scenicadelaide and jrondaldlee. I guess one strategy they use is to include a few paragraphs of text in the photo post. These gets some keywords embedded in there for seo purposes.

Another friend however, who now lives in Canada swears he earns a little something every month from his photographs he submitted to such sites as fotolia, dreamstime, and other stock photo sites. This I suppose is where I would load my photos in the hope of getting a few cents out of them. Yes, there would be millions of photos out there, and I can only imagine how mine would fare in that ocean of images. But like they said, whatever idea you’ve got, taking action is the secret to knowing if it will work or not.

Here’s a list of stock photography sites I’ve stumbled just recently. This guy from photopreneur really did a lot of research to gather this information. Check it out by clicking here.

Me, I’m going over my database to find my passwords to some of the sites I’ve created an account with some time ago. I think it’s time we earn some money from our photographs. 🙂

PS. As a hobbyist, I only have the basics in terms of equipment:

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