Western Digital External USB Hard Drive

Here’s another one of those cool things I added to my wishlist, the Western Digital external USB hard drive. Currently, my desktop has 160GB capacity. This particular western digital external usb hard drive has a whooping capacity of 500GB!

The model is WDME5000TN, a.k.a. ‘My Passport Essential 500 GB’. Of course, Western Digital has other drives of this type that has greater capacities (up to 2TB!), but this one just happens to be cool enough for me price-wise.

Since I bought my first USB flash drive about 2 years ago, I’ve saved all my work on it. I never leave even a trace of digital footprint on my desktop computer, especially the office computer. I installed MoWeS on it so that I could do all forms of wordpress and php testing and tweaking whether I’m at the office, at home, or even at my mother-in-law’s. With this western digital external usb hard drive, it’s like I’m bringing my whole office with me with lots of spare space.

With a ‘vital’ statistics of 0.5in X 5in X 3in, weighing 0.40 pounds, and transfer rate of 480 Mbits/s, it’s nothing less than sexy, sleek and professional, aesthetics-wise and function-wise. Does it come in black? Of course, and blue and red orange and grey. Powered through the included USB cable, you don’t need to lug around extra hardware, e.g. power adapters, etc. It works with both Windows and Mac.

Feast your eyes on this beauty.


Western Digital External USB Hard Drive: ‘My Passport Essential 500 GB’