WordPress Tab Widget Plugin That Works

A couple of weeks ago, I had to jiggle my wordpress skills a bit as someone had asked me to do some wordpress project for their organization. And what she showed me had tabs on it where content can be compressed into a small real estate and shown by clicking on the tabs.

Now, tabs are not a very common feature in the majority of free wordpress themes. Sliders for recent posts is also not a commonplace feature as well.

I figured that a recent post slider plugin is more difficult to find than a tab plugin. So, I chosed one particular free wordpress theme which contains a really nice looking recent post slider feature on the home page.

After customizing it to fit their suggestions, I went to work on the tab widgets plugin. My search led me to around 5 possible plugins. Within a single day, I tossed out 4 of them as they didn’t work. In fact some of them messed up the theme.

Then there’s one that seems to work, but not without some serious searching online for help. It is the Tabbed Widgets plugin.

I had to dig deep into its innards to make it look more presentable. But even with what I had done, it still didn’t look like tabs. They look much like ordinary links on top of the content. Another couple of days of on and off online research for answers did not yield fruit.

Finally, I did a new search for a wordpress tab widget plugin that works. Thus I found Tabber Tabs. As soon as I installed it and followed the simple configuration steps, voila! It worked like a charm. I did not even have to re-touch the styling as I readily liked it as soon as I saw it. Kudos to its creator, so-and-s0-name. Here’s the link where I downloaded it: link.

By the way, it’s not very fancy, but it can sufficiently pass off as tabs. 🙂
tab plugin that works

I often get irked by the way some plugins seem to work on one theme and then just do havoc on another. What’s up with that? Why can’t wordpress have one standard for coding plugins so that all of them would work on all themes?