3 Productivity Software Applications to Install on Your Windows Laptop

Almost everybody has a laptop today, and the majority of us depend on our laptops for our work.

While there are countless people who only use their laptop computer for multimedia purposes, the majority of laptop users are creative people who depend on their laptop for their work. Some of these people are writers, some are bloggers, some use the internet for one thing or the other and others use their laptops for educational purposes. It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, or what your reason for using a laptop computer is, being more productive can make a difference in the kind of results you can achieve each day.

What I mean by this is that if you are able to double or triple your productivity with your laptop that could mean a lot more money for you on the long-run.

One thing you need to note, however, is that the key to having a more productive laptop isn’t just to get the latest laptop with a bigger ram or bigger configuration. The kind of software you install on your laptop can make a whole lot of difference in how productive you are, and this article will be listing 3 major software you can install on your Windows laptop to help you be more productive.

  1. Dark Room
  2. The number one software on this list is the Dark Room software, and it can be of utmost importance to you if you are a writer.
    As bloggers and writers the kind of distractions we are exposed to every day can be dangerous to our work, and if we are not careful we will end up paying a lot of dollars for it. While Twitter, Facebook and every other social media sites are great, I believe there is time for everything.

    Dark Room is a distraction free writing software application for Windows users. Once you install the software on your Windows computer it will automatically take over your screen and make the writing space the only thing you can see – all you need to do is start writing, as there is nothing to distract you.

  3. Open Office
  4. The next software on this list is the Open Office software, and most of us might already be familiar with it.

    Open Office is an alternative to Microsoft Office, and I think it is a free better alternative. Open Office makes it extremely easy for you to type and use other Microsoft Office related functions on your computer, while at the same time giving you great options and flexibility.

    With Open Office you can easily use a lot of features not provided by Microsoft Office to help you save time and money. For example, you can easily print a document of any length directly without having to install a PDF converter on your computer.

  5. Roboform
  6. The final software on this list is Roboform.

    If you’re a Windows user reading this there is every possibility you log in to one or more sites every day, or that you register on one or more sites every day and have to fill in the details manually. Roboform helps remove your worries and makes it extremely easy to fill in your details with just one click.

[note]This guest article is written by Paul who can help you find the best free laptop deals.[/note]


  1. I have openoffice. Have always been egged on by friends to try roboform. But Firefox now remembers pretty much all my blog commenting data. And besides, I’m paranoid about some internet-connected software getting my passwords. I’ll have to pass on Roboform.

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