3 Steps to Enjoy Your Internet Connection Performance

Post by: Thoma John Timsim

Many people have been asking me this question on my blog for some time now that how can they enjoy their internet connection on their computers, even at this time when most net access aren’t up to the rate some ISP used to promised their prospects. I normally answer them politely and some of those replies which I used to give them are what I shall be sharing with you in this article.

There are many reasons that can cause you not to enjoy your internet connection and some of them are what we shall be revealing in this article so that you can be able to browse the web and enjoy it without hassle.

Upgrade Your CPU for Faster Net Experience

When it happens that you weren’t able to browse the internet faster because everything is becoming slower and slower every minute – one thing that you should check is to know if your computer operating system is out of date or not. To know if your OS is out-of-date or if it is not up to what it is needed to run the modem, you can do so by checking the system requirement on your modem or dongle to know if your computer is up to what is required or not.

In many cases, you can be seeing errors when you are browsing the internet due to low level of the CPU, in such situation, you should make sure that you contact a nearby computer practitioner or better still, change your computer’s CPU or buy new one.

Also, it may happen that you will need to increase your computer’s RAM to make the system work faster to make your internet connection go faster.

Stop Sharing Your Internet Access with Just Anybody

You should share your connection with like minded people only. When you share your internet connection with other people, either your co-worker or your closest friends, you may discover that you aren’t able to control what they are using your connection for, and that could cause you to have limited internet access on your computer because they are sharing the same resources together with you. And that will certainly limit the amount of browsing time for everyone on the network including you.

Even at times when you feel like sharing your connection with people, you should make sure that you limit the connection by using strong password and also limiting the amount of bandwidth that each person on the network can use at a time. This will help you save more of your bandwidth and also help you enjoy browsing the internet.

Don’t Force Yourself to Browse

When you force yourself to browse the web, you will notice that you won’t be able to do what you wanted to do better than when you have the power and the passion to do that thing. It normally happened in most cases that when a person forces himself or herself to browse the internet, the person will end up becoming frustrated because of the outcome of what the person will get along the line – the body will be working against the person.

Whenever you force yourself to browse the web, you will notice that you won’t be able to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve through that browsing session that when you do it at your leisure – the time when you have the ability to do what you want to do on the internet.

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