5 Top Apps For Budding Musicians

The days when musicians had to wait to be discovered by large production companies are long gone. People like Connor Maynard (who’s referred to as the British Justin Bieber) started his thriving music career in his bedroom with a video cam. A lot of budding musicians are following in his – and others’ footsteps and starting out their own careers – charting out their own music successes. Having great apps which are easily downloadable is very important to a promising musician on the quest to get their music career on the right path. These apps can help them a great deal in a variety of ways. Here are the top ones on the go at the moment.

Garage Band

This is an unusually helpful app to potential and established musicians alike. It’s supremely affordable when compared to other music apps which do exactly the same thing. Garage band is a music making software for apple computers and for iPod and iPhone. Its audio recording capability is brilliant and its audio making software is second to none. Most young musicians have at some time downloaded garage band. There are some very good videos on how to use this app available online.


RjDj has been rated and reviewed very highly on the Internet. It’s available in several different languages and is tantamount to a musical DJ on your iPod. There hasn’t been anything else like it, as it allows you to create your own beats out of almost anything you want. You can mix tracks, import sounds, make them yourself etc, Amalgamate all these together for a wonderful, individual and unique sound that no one else, anywhere in the world has made. You can then share your sounds on social networking sites or with friends and watch your fan base grow. Which musician in the world won’t want a piece of this!


Shazam is a must-have app for budding musicians and people who love music alike. It can be downloaded on most devices. Just hold your iPhone etc, up to the TV or radio and Shazam will give you details of the song, the performer etc. It’ll also show you the lyrics, allow you to tag your friends and buy the song instantly. Shazam will even suggest music to you depending on what you’ve already downloaded in your music library.


Spotify is similar to Shazam, but is more widely used by the younger musicians and music lovers because of one huge difference – it’s free! The spotify app will change the audio quality from 720p to 1080p, making it more intense for listeners. Millions of tracks are available. Users can also share tunes and tag friends, and as the music is live, there’s no waiting time for downloading.


If you’re in the music business, whether you’re just starting out, or already established, you would’ve heard of Pandora. This is an Internet radio service flocked by musicians and those in love with music all over the world. It’s ridiculously easy to set up and personalize. You can easily cut out the music you don’t like and concentrate on your genres of your choice. Having said this, Pandora has just announced that (for the time being) if you’re not in the US, you can’t access their station.

So, are you a budding musician set on the path of creating your own tunes? Do you have these apps? What others can you recommend to people who love or make music?

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  1. the british justin bieber??!! dont we already have 1 too many justin biebers? lol. no but seriously, spotify is great. I use it everyday….but I really dont see how its great for “budding musicians” any more than its great for your average who enjoys listening to music…

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