I think about my family, my kids. I think about my job. I think about this website and things like webhosts, domain registrars, making my website better, my seo tweaks and the like.

I took a surge of interest in blogging when I started a few years back but laid back a bit after a couple of years. Now, I’m back and re-learning the tricks of the trade. I’ve learned a lot since then, especially about the matter of taking real action.

Let’s talk about everyday life, our jobs, our families, the things we like and the things we hate, our interests, etc. I especially have this fondness for blogging and the benefits it brings. Of course, there’s the area of earning money online. I’m interested in that too. I’ve some experience in that area and am currently honing it up, gobbling every idea about maximizing the earning power of a blog or website.

Thinking about something? Think about it aloud. Most of our thoughts go by unnoticed even by our closest friends. If you think it can benefit not just you but also that person that you passed by along the sidewalk, or that lady who took the same brand of milk you bought in the grocery, let it be heard. Think out loud. If it gives them an ‘aha’ moment, good. If it makes them smile, better.

I’m Noel Moralde. Some of my friends call me James Moralde, out of a call sign I had when I used the old VHF radio transceiver we had in the company I used to work for years ago. The name kinda stuck with me. Which means, I now have two names. 🙂

Should you have a need to reach me, go here to contact me.

Stay tuned!