The Magnetic Pulser Kit

magnetic pulser

I have finally placed my order for a complete kit for a magnetic pulser from Andrey of

I have researched a lot about magnetic pulsers, and due to the exorbitant prices of the commercial units, I leaned towards the DIY path.

I have read through material from Chris Gupta, Ritalie, Steve (gskempe9), and a host of other DIYers. Only lately did I stumble on Andrey and found that of all the magnetic pulsers I’ve seen, his is so far the strongest. You can check his videos out in his channel here .

Actually, the kit I’ve ordered from Andrey outputs only about 4 Tesla , which is still way above and beyond that of all commercial pulsers which justify their low strength with glib sales talk and vague research studies.


A few months ago, Andre acquired a device that 
measures more accurately the output of his 
magnetic pulsers. And he found that he may have 
inadvertently overstated the magnitude in Tesla 
of his pulsers. 

Please read the actual values of his measurements 
in his website: or go to his
latest youtube videos: "Andre D".

This kit is his bbmpulser 4B and he has generously made this technology open source. You can check out the schematic here . If you are electronic-savvy, you can make your own. But if you just know how to at least solder, then the kit is the way to go.

Andrey has upgraded his magnetic pulsers and now can output 6 to over 8 Teslas! (Again, please see the update box above.)This is his latest unit, the BBMPulser 5S . The unit has a power level knob with which you can adjust the power output. Really one of a kind magnetic pulser.

The BBMPulser 5S

His motivation to find a way to output stronger pulses stems from Bob Beck himself who said that a strength of at least 2 Teslas is required to see a noticeable effect more quickly. And the stronger the output, the deeper into the body can the fields penetrate. Thus, the inner cells of the body gets ‘energized’ by the magnetic pulses as well. You can definitely not say the same for the currently available magnetic pulsers in the market today.

I’ll update this post as soon as the kit arrives.

The Magnetic Pulser : Healing Through Electricity

I stumbled upon this technology a few months ago involving electricity, electromagnetism to be specific, and its effects on human health. The device resulting from this science is called the Magnetic Pulser.

This is again one of those ideas that initiate debates among believers and naysayers, including, they say, conspiracy theorists, precisely because at present, it still falls upon what is called fringe science. Fringe science – in the sense that it has yet to be ‘formally’ studied using ‘scientific methods’and ‘peer review’, etc., and has yet to be adopted into mainstream science.

Googling upon this subject brought about a lot information from various sources ranging from DIY methodologies to commercial products, some of which are affordable enough while others are outlandishly too expensive.

One of those sources that offer both Magnetic Pulsers for sale and DIYMagnetic Pulser Kits is Andrey D. of


Andres has purchased sometime ago a device that can measure actual output strength of magnetic pulsers, in Gauss or Tesla. The below descriptions and numbers may no longer be accurate. So, please check out his website at or his latest youtube video for the updated output.

If I’m not mistaken, he has been experimenting and continuously improving his magnetic pulsers for more than a decade and he has come to a point where I believe he has produced pulsers that, as far as I know, outdo most, if not all other pulsers in the market in terms of strength. This higher strength he aims for in accordance to Beck’s suggestion that pulsers are most effective if it has a strength of at least 2 Tesla. And his devices can even go as far as 6 Tesla, per his claims. The premise that higher strength equates to better efficacy remains to be proven or disproven though, and this task falls in the hands of opened minded experimenters.

He calls his pulsers BBMPulsers, short for “Bob Beck Magnetic Pulsers”. His newest models are called BBMPulser 4B, BBMPulser 4S, and BBMPulser 4D. The 4B model is open source, which means he has given out the circuit diagram and instructions for anyone to experiment on. You can read more from his website:

For an introduction to Magnet Therapy and what benefits the human body can get from it, visit this site, or read up on a related topic called PEMF.

Here is a video of a magnetic pulser in action. Interestingly, this could become an instrument we can hopefully use in the fight against viruses, the COVID 19 virus being one of them.

One of these days, I plan to explore this field and see for myself how this affects my health, for the better hopefully.

Update on This Blogs Return to Life

securing wordpress

I was mildly inspired to begin tinkering again with the inner workings of the blog, including attempting to change the default image in the header. I, however, had to revert back to the default as the replacement image didn’t seem to match the size required. Too bad, I really liked that image which I downloaded from some site offering royalty free images for use commercially or whatever.

Getting old takes a toll on one’s patience, I realized. A decade ago, I would have dived into research mode right away and would have come up with significant changes to the site within a couple of hours.

Now, I do not seem to have the patience to shift through the information which is actually readily available in the net. I know I would not really need a new theme to get the look I desire for this blog. All I need is some elbow grease and the motivation to just do it.

Or, is it really patience I lost? Could just be plain old laziness.

Well, at least I get to do some updates, albeit direction-less, once a week or something. That should count as movement to an otherwise stagnant blog.

Alert!!! What follows is a quick insert of an ad for an amazon product which I wish I could somehow earn a commission from, no matter how little. Should have been some product that is relevant to the post, but heck, I’m reliving my blog and am taking baby steps again.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Black

Same Product

Ok, that was the ad. Moving on…

Just to add a little something to this content, I am embedding below a self-help youtube clip about the cure to laziness. Something I should watch seriously.

2020 Post

It’s been a year, probably even more, from my last lone post last year. It’s time to break off the ice and the lethargic energy around this blog and get it going once again.

A few plugins had to go as it has caused a few headaches during the transitions from one version to another (of wp or some other technology).

I’m going to be adding more content soon.

I’m not sure about new regulations about embedding videos on blog pages. I have yet to do research on that. But that won’t stop me from embedding another youtube video I enjoyed. Just want to share it with you. I did not upload this video on youtube.

This is the version of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors that I really liked.

2019 Post

So, this is just a little post I coughed up after updating my wordpress to the latest version. Nothing special.

Just a few surprises here. I found that wordpress has come a long way since my last sortie in it. New features. Faster? Ummm… I can’t decide yet. Gotta do some exploring first.

Right now, I’m trying to update to PHP 7. First attempts at cpanel seem to break my site. So, I tried to make a backup so I could test it on XAMPP. UpdraftPlus plugin didn’t work as I expected, so I had to uninstall it.

Think, I’ll go back to cpanel and do the backup there.

Meanwhile, enjoy some Ed Sheeran!

Smule Sing! System Gaming Rant

It only takes a wee bit of listening to at least three random collaborations that made it to the killer karaoke section before you realize that these were actually not judged by some skilled expert or at least by a qualified singer. The judge actually is an algorithm set in by Smule coders which most probably relies heavily on the collaboration’s number of ‘loves’.

And precisely because of this, a lot of very industrious smulers have found ways to game the system. Thus, you’ll find crap mixed in with a few excellent collaborations comprising the killer karaoke section.

There could be more shady methods out there, but one of these is done through organizing groups. These groups have no other purpose but to provide ‘love’ to all collaborations of its members. You don’t even need to listen to the song. As soon as the love button shows up, you hit it, then move on to the next song.

Smule codes, you’ll find, have flaws in it. Because, I’ve seen, on several occasions where the number of ‘loves’ outnumber the number of ‘plays’! How the heck it can happen I have no freaking idea.
smule sing system gaming
If you’re a Smuler, you’ll know exactly exactly what I’m ranting about.


For a few weeks, smule seems to act on this quirk by putting a cap on the number of loves a smuler can give per day. And I saw the gamers’ crappy songs, which normally rake in 3 digit ‘loves’, take a dive with 2 digit ‘loves’.

But the KK section’s algo judges did not change. Now, since all the gamers can only reach a particular number of loves, say, 75, well, that’s the number that gets to hit kk. Now, the gamers can relax. They only need this much loves to get there.

The Agony of Waiting for Board Exam Results

Just this month, I re-experienced the agony of waiting for the results of the board exam I took a few days ago. In total, I had taken three (3) national board exams that really tortured my mind, and maybe my soul too, as I waited for its results.

exam-resultsFirst was the Civil Engineering licensure exam several decades ago. Then there was the Real Estate Appraiser Exam 10 years ago. And, because of some unforgivable lapses ( I was inactive then as an appraiser ), I forgot to renew my REA license for 2 consecutive years! To top it all, it was the exact period when the government changed a few rules and transferred the governing body from the Department of Trade & Industry to the Professional Regulations Commission

Long story short, I had to take the licensure exam again. This means I had to shell out almost $500 for a 120-hour refresher course and force myself to bury my head on REA books and materials for the next 3 months. Can you imagine foregoing youtube and facebook and all other online addictive activities?

So, we were told after the exams that the results will come in 3 days, although the PRC site says 10 days. Thus, the agony begins.

What made things worse this time is that just before submitting my papers I had ticked off and counted my answers that I was sure were correct in the exam. Something I have never done in previous exams. And my count tells me I will not make it. It says I will have to get at least 7 more correct answers from out of the rest of the answers that I was unsure of to make it.

The same inner conflict as I had felt previously re-occurred. Though I was able to sleep most nights, I almost always have to go through a few hours of restless tossing and turning in bed. And my pessimist nature shows its worst during these times.

In the office, I dread mornings because some office mates would be there, earlier than me, reading the newspaper. As I enter, I would try to decipher the faces. Have the results come out? Have they read it? Are they trying to avoid eye-to-eye contact with me because my name wasn’t in there? Paranoia.

The REA exam results can be accessed online the very hour it comes out. So, I had to wait for it, check my iphone every hour. I stayed away from facebook because I would hate to see others begin congratulating each other there.

I even entertained the idea of practicing how I would act calmly and smile non-chalantly in the event I failed. And studying to prepare for a re-exam next year.

I woke up one day and as I reached for my phone a message was already there saying ‘Congratulations, you made it!’ The sender’s number is unregistered in my phone so it showed only a number. Is this a joke? I scrambled to get online to check the results. Whew! I did make it.

Should I go through another experience like this in the future, I probably would go through the same routine again. But after having gone through this enough number of times, I realized that my pessimism is really a little too unrealistic. And that fretting and worrying really doesn’t make things any better.

Update: I did go through another experience and in the same field. This time it’s the Real Estate Brokerage exams which was held last February 28, 2016. As expected, and in spite of the supposed alleviation of my pessimism, I still felt the same way from preparation (study phase), to the exam proper, and the waiting for results phase.

Again, I passed the exam, with just 0.75 points short of being included in the top ten.

Drawing and Taking Notes with the Adonit Jot Pro Stylus (and it’s DIY version)

A couple of months ago, I made my DIY Jot capacitive stylus with the help of some YouTube videos (click here to watch) detailing how it works and how to make one’s own using only materials readily available at home. With that DIY Jot, I came up with these ‘masterpieces’ on Sketch Pro. I’ve actually already posted these images in a previous post.

my sketch pro artworks

Then just today, I found out that it’s now available in my city at Digital Walker. There are 3 models available: the Jot Classic, the Jot Mini, and the Jot Pro. Of course, I could not resist getting the Pro, though I had to shell out a few bucks more for it.

my adonit jot pro capacitive stylus

Function-wise, my DIY and the real Jot are at par with each other. Aesthetically, the real Jot Pro leaves the DIY in the dust, of course. As you can see in the comparative images below, my DIY looks like your wife today, while the Jot Pro looks like her when she was still your girlfriend 10 years ago. Ladies, no offense meant. Just trying to be as realistic as possible. 🙂

jot pro and DIY

If I can come out with something I would consider ‘cool’ with my wife, err, my DIY jot pen, I’m pretty sure I could make something ‘cooler’ with the Jot Pro capacitive touch stylus. Uh oh, I guess I just pushed expectations a notch higher. No pressure.

jot pro dampening feature
In the area of note taking, the Jot Pro will definitely be very useful as it’s slimmer and thus a lot more handy and easier to carry around. The transparent circular plate makes me see exactly where the lines and curves begin and end. And it’s magnetic cling feature allows me to just attach it to the iPad. Unfortunately, only the Pro has this feature.

Regarding its ‘dampening tip’ feature, it does eliminate the sound of the pen brushing with the surface of the ipad or iPhone like the one you hear when you use one of those rounded rubber tipped pens. Then again, with the scotch tape I put on my DIY’s under-surface, it was also as silent as the pro.

magnetic stylus jot pro

DIY Jot Stylus (Adonit Jot Pro AVAILABLE ONLINE)

Unable to Update or Install iPad/iPhone Apps Because of Problem with Billing or Card

I ran into this problem about a week ago where I can’t update my apps, whether they be paid or free ones. I also can’t install new ones. Now, that is definitely unacceptable. I had such fun with Sketch Pro and had made a couple of artworks (see below) during my free time, and I wanted to explore other graphics apps too.

artwork using iPad by Noel Moralde

At first, I thought there might be a problem with my iPad but when the same thing happened to my iPhone too, no doubt, it must have something to do with my itunes account. A little digging revealed that I have some problem with my billing card. At least that’s what iTunes was telling me.

I can’t seem to fix the problem in the ipad or iphone, so I finally signed in using the itunes app in my PC and accessed my account data.

I went to ‘Purchase History’ and clicked on the ‘See All’ link. There I saw that my last purchased app, the Sketch Pro, was not paid, although I’ve downloaded and had used it. ITunes said it was denied by my card; or there was a problem with my card, or something to that effect.

My account page had some red text in there that suggested I re-enter the last digits of my card. So, seeing that there’s nothing wrong with re-typing what I’ve already typed before, (and praying that this be not some hacker’s replica of the iTunes legitimate program) I did.

ITunes then reflected that the last app was now paid. Then I went back to my iPad and checked it out. Sure enough I was able to update my apps, both paid and free.

I guess that it must either be a glitch in iTunes’ system (which was announced by this guy’s article here), or that my card’s bank happened to go offline during my purchase.

The Dancer art by Noel Moralde

Productivity Apps I Like: GoodNotes and InkFlow

productivity apps goodnotes
There are these 2 productivity iPad apps I downloaded and explored just this weekend. I have always wanted some app with which I could doodle when ‘doodle time’ comes. And doodling, I found, is not necessarily something you just do when you want to make waiting in line at the bank or at any queue line seem not, like, forever. It actually is helpful in more ways than one. Maybe we can discuss that in a separate post about doodles.


Besides doodling, most iPad apps that allow you to doodle actually feature more useful functions. InkFlow’s basic edition (free), for instance, gives you the following awesome features:

  • freehand writing (black only fountain pen)
  • text input through virtual keypad
  • unlimited undo
  • picture importing
  • selection tool

The fountain pen tool is remarkably responsive and smooth when I use my fingers to write freehand with it. It however doesn’t allow any other pen thickness option. But, with the help of the selection tool, you can still get around this limitation.

With the selection tool, you can select any element on the page, e.g. Picture, text, doodles, etc., and then choose the ‘resize’ option to shrink or enlarge it. Thus, your freehand can be shrunk and the pen’s thickness would be adjusted correspondingly to a fine thinness. Your friends will wonder how you were able to write that thin and small.

One thing I like best about the free version of InkFlow is that the imported images remain selectable (and thus editable e.g. resizable, movable) even if it overlaps or is overlapped by some other element, e.g. text. There’s also the ‘Noteworthy’ font that its creators were so kind to include in the free version.

With Inkflow, you could do brainstorming, on the spot or initial graphic design, mind maps, sketches, doodling, and everything else you can do with pen and paper. One thing you can’t do is crumple the paper and throw it at someone’s top.

With the free version, you can create an unlimited number of books, though each book is limited to only 20 pages. You can break these limitations by buying the pro version which offers additional features like eraser, pencil, paint brush, color palette, cut, copy, paste, rotate, more cool fonts, etc.

Here’s a quick note I drafted up just to make a visual of what the free version of inkflow can do.
inkflow image


The latest productivity app I stumbled upon is the GoodNotes app. It’s a lot like InkFlow especially since they both have the same selection tool with almost similar functions.

Between the free versions of both InkFlow and GoodNotes, I found the latter a lot more flexible and for my purposes, more complete.

While Inkflow’s free version offers a fixed black pen thickness, GoodNotes allows you to select your desired pen thickness and color. And the selection tool also allows shrinking or enlarging of elements. This is how I get to make super thin freehand pen writing.

You could also add text through the virtual keypad. I wish though that they’d add some freehand-like fonts like Inkflow’s ‘Noteworthy’.

Another feature that sets GoodNotes above Inkflow and a lot of other apps of this kind is the polygon tool. With it, you can draw perfect squares, circles, ovals, rectangles, perfect straight lines, etc. Even the paid version of Inkflow doesn’t have this. And these elements are selectable even when they’re overlapped by other elements. And I praised Inkflow earlier for its re-editable pictures. Turns out GoodNotes has that feature too. Now, all I need to wait is for GoodNotes to include the ‘Noteworthy’ font!

For me, GoodNotes is obviously the hands down winner. And its paid version is even cheaper than Inkflow’s.

And here’s a Goodnotes version of the first example I made above.
goodnotes image

Note: The two apps mentioned are not necessarily the best apps there is in the App Store. They just happen to be the first ones that got my attention so far. So, if you have used some apps that are better than these two, please let me know as I’m seriously contemplating buying the paid version of at least one of these cool apps.

GoodNotes VIDEO