Boost Mobile Phones: My Favorites

I kind of got bored today and decided to surf out of my usual surfing territory and landed on some sites which feature some cool phones, some of which are boost mobile phones.

Boost mobile phones boast a considerable collection of phone units. Of course there are some non-boost mobile phones which can be converted to boost mobile phones. Among these units are 3 of my favorites. (Note: My current phone is a Samsung unit. So, for now, I’ll do some visualizations and emoting in the pattern of the Law of Attraction so that eventually I’ll have at least one of these). ๐Ÿ™‚


Classy. I’d definitely get lots of glance traffic from classy ladies when I begin using this one in public places. Prepaid sans low-end stature.



Full QWERTY keyboard with shortcut keys with push-to-talk technology. Multi-tasking gets easier with this charm. Walkie-talkie feature keeps you connected instantly at a push of a button. And you can have your soldier friend borrow this for a month while he is battling it out in Afganistan. When he returns it, it would still be good as new.



Honey, I placed your phone on top of the car and I forgot about it, I heard it drop on the road. When I looked back, a motorcycle skidded and ran over it. I hurriedly drove back to it in reverse and oh, ran over it again. Honey…yeah, it’s the i335, the one I’m calling you with right now. No, not even a single scratch.

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