Calories In An Egg New Data Collection

First, the facts for ‘weight loss systems’ enthusiasts. It is not surprising that folks who are on weight loss diets and who are interested in weight loss solutions are so particular about calorie counts and such. So, calories in an egg?.

Calories In An Egg Table

Egg Type Calories
small (37 g) whole raw 54 54
medium (44 g) whole raw 65
large (50 g) whole raw 74
extra large (58 g) whole raw 85
jumbo (65 g) whole raw 96
1 cup (~4.86 large eggs +/- 243 g)raw 347
fried egg large 46g 90
scrambled 1 cup (220g) 367
omelet 1 tbsp (15g) 24
hardboiled 1 cup chopped (136g) 211

This post just goes to show how nicheless and random my blog really is. Wifey got me involved in her quest for information regarding calories in an egg. Seems like her badminton and gym buddies had her interested in the sophistication of knowing the details of each gram of food she eats. As usual, google is my friend and I had the data in no time at all. Of course, I have to create a table in excel to present her the collected information. Most of the sites required me to do several clicks for each item I want to know instead of just laying out everything for me to print in one go. So, I thought maybe I could help other husbands out there who get to be unfortunate enough to be assigned the task of researching the values of calories in an egg (or wives who know the very complicated task of typing the phrase ‘how many calories are there in an egg?‘ in, say, google). Hey, the chide applies only to my wife. 🙂 Btw, she’s presently into this Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge thingy with her other lady office mates, drinking some sort of shake beverage and doing a few crunches in the mornings. They text their progress to their leader and it gets texted to all members of their group.

Of course, the above table displays just the type of egg and the corresponding calorie count. For the really diet-matters savvy, this may not be enough because they probably would want to know other related facts like total fat, cholesterol, sodium content, total carbohydrates, protein, vitamin content, calcium, etc.; in which case, the following links may help:

For interesting facts about eggs:

(Eat) Egg Now Peel Later


  1. Instead of being concerned about the number of calories perhaps you could bring your wife home some free-range eggs. The difference in yolk color and taste are significant and I personally believe that fresh eggs made a huge difference in how I feel and how much energy I have.
    Valerie Sage´s latest blog post ..Better Woman Now

      1. Hi James,

        Thank you for the reply. I am convinced that eating fresh free range eggs from chickens we have right here really makes me feel better. Between that source of protein and the fresh vegetables from the garden I have no doubt I am getting progressively healthier.

        Our garden is hanging in there – almost freezing tonight and still picked 429 cherry tomatoes this evening.
        Valerie Sage´s latest blog post ..Better Woman Now

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