Scarcity Samurai WordPress Plugin 50% Discount Launch

Scarcity Samurai is a wordpress plugin which allows you to take advantage of the principle of scarcity to prod your readers to decide within your chosen time frame to buy or not. The fear of being left out is in-grained in the human psyche. Marketers ‘in the know’ has been taking advantage of this for years.

SEO Gaming of Google SERPs Continues

The advances that Google made over the past few months did not deter the money-makers from going ahead with their schemes. And that’s because they still get to find out the patterns and filters that Google set in place through their bots. But can Google eventually stop seo gaming?

How High Profile Bloggers Promote their Startups

If there is anything we admire about high profile bloggers, it’s that they’re stars in blogging. Probloggers are like veteran actors, they find it fun and easy promoting their startups and they do it successfully too. That’s why any new blog a Problogger starts just shoots to limelight, as if with the effect of Midas… Continue reading How High Profile Bloggers Promote their Startups