Drought Update

Post updates to this blog have been very scarce these past few weeks. Then again, it’s not something new as I don’t really blog like crazy e.g. 3 times a day. It probably is more like a post every 3 weeks or so. Here’s a (drought) spell breaker.

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Hello Cyber World!

Hello cyber-world!!! Greetings earthlings! Your planet is beautiful, but I see you do not appreciate it enough. 🙂 Greetings to the most significant people on Earth: Erlinda Jennifer James Lionel Shaniah Niles Neil Cha-cha Lance Bobet Lynnelove’ll Bebong Fritz Leonyl Boping Badong Leolynne Richmund Lady Sophia James & Carmen Borja Menchie Jonathan, Ethel and the… Continue reading Hello Cyber World!