Chop a Portion of a YouTube Video and Embed or Share

Say, you found an awesome video but you only want to show your friends a specific portion of the video. It can be done by chopping that video and creating a link to it so your friends can watch it online. This way, your friends won’t have to go through the agony of watching the whole video.

Here’s how:

  1. Copy the URL of the youtube video from which you want to chop a portion of. Say, ./li>
  2. Then, go to .
  3. Chop a Portin of YouTube

  4. On the textbox to the left of the ‘search video’ button, paste the youtube video’s URL.
  5. enter url of video to be chopped

  6. Press the ‘search’ button.
  7. After the video is loaded in the page, fill up the time start and end boxes at the bottom of the video box
  8. Then click the ‘Update’ button below the boxes.
  9. The video above will update itself and will now contain only the chopped portion.
  10. Add some short message for your friends on the box just above the ‘chop it’ button.
  11. Title of chopped video

  12. Click the ‘chop it’ button.
  13. The resulting page will now have the embed and chopped video link you can copy to embed or send to your friends.

Original Un-chopped Youtube video

Here’s the youtube video I tried to work on with

Chopped Youtube Video

And here’s the resulting chopped portion of the video:

Of course, the above is for example purposes only. That portion is not exactly the coolest part of the video. Fact is, I think the whole video is awesome. In this case, I won’t chop it but instead show the whole video to my friends. But I’ve seen a lot of instances where friends would tell me to watch a video and say ‘go to 3:21’ or something. Now, you could just say simply ‘watch this!’.

Note: The resulting chopped video will now be accessed (and hosted I think) via, and not Please correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

Alternative to Chopping Youtube Video

Automatically Start YouTube Video at Certain Time

If you find chopping videos a chore, you can opt to use another method where you add a time-start element to the video’s url like so:

If the above video automatically started at 20 seconds, it’s because I added “#t=0m20s” immediately after the video’s url. This however doesn’t always work as I want it to be. But it just might work for you. Check the procedures here for more information.


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