Excessive Resource Usage Status Alert

I got an email from my hosting support about this notification they are getting regarding excessive resource usage from my website. Busy as I am, it took more than a couple of days before I began checking out my website (which by the way I have not updated for an eternity).

The support guy specifically mentioned two possible sources of this problem and they are:

  1. Bad bots
  2. WordPress cron job

Of course, the guy eventually offered the final option of just paying up to make things more convenient for me. This is indeed the most convenient option, but it is not convenient for my pockets at the moment considering that this website is not earning me money.

For the moment I have not done anything about the two issues aforementioned. Instead I have updated the wordpress software and all plugins in it.

Let’s see if that is enough to at least remedy the problem.


It worked.

Update 3/28/2022:

A notification came in again about the same thing.

I did a quick check with the cPanel. Checked the data summary of the whole website. Nothing seem wrong.

Knowing that mine is part of a shared server, could it be that the problem comes from somebody else’s website?

One other thing I noticed is that Hostpapa’s alerts about Excessive Resource Usage always comes about a month prior to renewal period. Doesn’t need a marketer’s mind to come up with the thought that there’s probably more to this than meets the eye. Hint, marketing tactic to scare you into subscribing to some more expensive hosting option.

I have been using Hostpapa as host provider since it was still Lunarpages. I hope they will keep up the trust that they have built over the years with their clients.