For Want Of Something To Post

My Blogging Dilemma

I found myself pondering about my ventures on the web – my personal blog, my other sites, the income I am earning, the things I still need to seriously focus on, etc.

I started blogging mainly as a hobby. Because of this, I write and update only when I feel like writing and updating. As my knowledge about this venture expanded, I started to learn about the possibility of earning and eventually began to earn some money in the process. The thing is, even with this newfound motivation, I still go about my online activities as a hobby. That is, I still allot the same amount of time to it as I did before (an hour? two?), knowing that if I gave it more in terms of time and effort, I’d definitely get more (money and what else) out of it. I’m certain of the chances of earning way more than my current day job pay but I just don’t seem to have the time and energy to give more to this endeavor. Although I am not that busy at the office, I feel like wanting to dive into bed as soon as I get home. I know, I know… low energy level, take vitamin supplements, try energy drinks, etc.

The few times that I do get to sit down on my home ‘office’, I don’t necessarily get to post an article. Like I’ve mentioned before, I write when I feel like it. When I do ‘feel like it’, writing an article is a breeze; otherwise, it takes a lot of effort to force one. This explains why I sometimes barely make it to my self-imposed rule of a minimum of 8 posts per month.

Stream Of Thought

For want of something to post, I tried one suggestion from some pro-blogger about just sitting down and start writing whatever comes to mind. Well, this is it.

As this is my first attempt at ‘stream of thought’ writing (heck, what is stream of thought writing?), I see that I may have set aside all the rules set by pro-bloggers about keywords/keyphrases, keyword density, etc. What, for instance, would be my keyphrase for this post? “For want of something to post”? What good can this keyphrase contribute? I guess not even the graphics I embellished this post with can save it.

Hopefully, with a few more attempts, I could perhaps improve and get my posts to fit the average blogger post type – the ones that have useful keywords, monetizable,useful/helpful to readers (instead of time wasters), related to some niche, etc.

For want of something to post, I apologize for wasting your time 🙂 Wait… let me make it up to you with this video I stumbled upon somewhere.

Sexy Golf Tutorial

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