Free Printable Math Worksheets

I found that there are actually a lot of free printable math worksheets scattered in the net. I have posted about ‘helping my kid memorize the multiplication table‘ elaborating on the method I used while I drove him to school. After a while, my work shift changed and I got a little busier at work and we weren’t able to continue with that exercise. Lately, I realized that he seems to be lagging a bit on his mathematics (fourth grade). This got me somewhat worried enough to seek help from, where else but, the net.

I need to get him immersed longer on his math exercises, particularly in multiplication, because lack of practice got him stucked with few points short of my desired grade for him in math. Again, I embarked on a mission to help the kid become a math wizard. Or, at least above average. Usually, I leave the mom to do this work. 🙂

Back in college, I remembered that having understood the process of solving a problem does not guarantee getting a perfect score in our exams. Having graduated in Civil Engineering, I’ve been exposed to the brain-freezing complications of Integral Calculus, numerical applications of Differential Equations, etc. The only way to conquer the exam sheet with full confidence is to invest a considerable number of hours practicing and solving all problems presented in the textbook for that particular section of the subject. This is something I’d like to apply to my kid’s math subject. I’ve got to exercise some of his math brain cells by giving him math worksheets to practice on. Of course, I could create worksheets myself, but why waste time with that when I can simply print out some free printable math worksheets out of the browser.

Free Printable Math Worksheets

I printed out several free printable math worksheets from the following links:

I like the above-mentioned sheets because I can generate unlimited printable worksheets by just clicking on the ‘Generate New Worksheet’ link. The printed page is also aesthetically kid-friendly because it has a sketch of a random animal depending on the theme you choose (Farm, Jungle, Ocean). Of course, the source website ‘’ offers free printable math worksheets for all kids from preschool to Grade 5 and covers addition, substraction, multiplication, division, geometry.

After giving your kid the worksheets, you need to check the answers yourself. If you happen to be not very good a math yourself the following worksheets may help you as the answer keys are included among the printables. However, the worksheets are fixed. That is, you can’t generate new ones like the ones above.

Again, the site giving the above free printable math worksheets, offers Kindergarten to Fifth grade worksheets.

I’ve got a 5 year old daughter too and so I posted this on my blog so that I won’t have to re-search the same links again when the time comes for her to make use of these resources.


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