How to install wordpress on a subdomain

Installing wordpress using Lunarpages’ CPanel is a breeze. I simply followed the instructions and voila! I have a fully working wordpress site ready to take in my posts and settings. It is a one-click affair, in contrast to manually installing wordpress where you have to edit the config file and create a database. But that was wordpress on my main domain. To install wordpress on a subdomain was different. I need a ‘How to install wordpress on a subdomain’ tutorial to proceed. Or so I thought.

I remember the first time I decided to install wordpress on a subdomain, I was stumped when it came to the ‘install directory’ textbox in Lunarpages CPanel. lunarpagesiconEarlier, I had installed wordpress using the same Lunarpages CPanel for my main domain That was easy. However, for the subdomain,, I was hesitant to proceed as I did not want to take the risk of messing up my existing wordpress installation. What if I install wordpress on a subdomain and it overwrites the previous one? This concern wouldn’t have been an issue had I chosen to install manually. But I was using CPanel now. The ‘install directory’ part prompts me to leave it blank to install wordpress on the root directory. Which root directory?

Googling for the answer did not immediately give me a satisfactory and direct answer. Thus I had to submit a ticket for this no-brainer question. Lunarpages support , helpful as ever, promptly provided me the answer on how to install wordpress on a subdomain.

  • If you have not created a subdomain, create it first in CPanel.
  • Then click Fantastico icon.
  • Click on WordPress (under ‘blogs’ on the left side), then click on the ‘New installation’ link.
  • Select the subdomain you want to install wordpress in on the ‘Install on domain’ dropbox.
  • Leave the ‘Install in directory’ textbox blank. This will install wordpress on the directory of the subdomain which was automatically created when you created a subdomain through the CPanel.
  • Type in your desired username and password under the ‘Admin access data’ section.
  • Under ‘Base Configuration’, fill up the necessary boxes. ‘Site name’ is the name you want for your subdomain.’ Description’ is anything you want to describe your subdomain.
  • Click ‘Install WordPress’.
  • That’s it. To install wordpress on a subdomain is a piece of cake after all.