How to Install WordPress on Lunarpages

How now do you install wordpress on your Lunarpages site in less than 2 minutes?

It’s been a long time since I last logged into my [wpPopWizard item_id=kswppw_in1ine clickthru= newwindow=yes inltext=”<p>Lunarpages is simply one of the <strong>best web hosting provider </strong>in the world.</p>” ]Lunarpages [/wpPopWizard]account. Just yesterday, I logged in because I need to create a subdomain to one of my sites and install wordpress in it. And surprised was I when I found out that Fantastico is no longer found in the cPanel.

Wow! I began thinking of the ordeal of having to install wordpress the long, hard way. That’s the way where you need to create a MySQL Database manually, edit the config.php file, upload the wordpress folders and files, etc. Well, it’s not necessarily back breaking but having experienced the ease of installing wordpress through fantastico can make you kinda lazy.

Before I hit Google for the instructions to manually install WordPress, I pored over the cPanel a third time and luckily found this new (to me) icon under the Software/Services category called Softaculous. Turns out, this is the replacement for Fantastico.
lunarpages wordpress installation

Besides allowing easy wordpress installation, it also makes updating all your wordpress blogs to the latest wordpress version a piece of cake.

Install WordPress on Lunarpages thru Softaculous

The wordpress installation is even more user-friendly with Softaculous. So, this is how I did it.

  1. Click on softaculous icon/link
  2. On left side of the resulting page, click WordPress under the Blogs column
  3. Click the ‘install’ button
  4. The resulting page is where you input data for your new wordpress site
    • Choose protocol: http://
    • Choose domain: Select from dropdown list
    • In directory: leave blank (unless you want to install wp on subfolder)
    • Database name: e.g. wp123
    • Table prefix: wp_
    • Site name:
    • Site Description:
    • Enable Multisite (WPMU):
    • Admin Username: admin
    • Admin Password:
    • Admin Email:
    • Select Language
  5. Email Installation Details to:
  6. Then, finally click ‘Install’.

    You’ll get to the page that says:

    Congratulations, the software was installed successfully
    Wordpress has been successfully installed at:
    http:/ / yoursite/
    Administrative URL: http:/ / correspondinglinkhere/

And that’s it. Of course, having been saved from having to install wordpress the traditional way, I was inspired to give the softaculous feature on Lunapages the highest rating. Installing wordpress on Lunarpages through softaculous is a breeze.


  1. Installing WordPress manually is not that difficult as everybody thinks. I’ve managed to develop quite the speed. I even feel better when I do it this way, I feel like I have total control over the installation and everything will turn out exactly as I want.

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