How to Replace Ink Cartridge on Epson T13 Printer

Here’s how I replaced an ink cartridge on my Epson T13 T22 Series Printer. The first cartridge to dry up was the black ink cartridge because I had a lot of text printing done a few weeks ago, and have yet a lot more to go. I purchased the 73N black ink cartridge just yesterday. It’s funny how ink cartridges don’t seem to have a standard price. Each outlet has a different price and the difference can go as high as $3.

As usual, whenever I’m faced with a problem, particularly in the computer and website areas, I post the solutions on my blog for my own future reference. Of course, I don’t necessarily come up with the solutions myself. I find them on the net. Sometimes though, the specific solutions are sort of difficult to find. For instance, I searched “how to replace ink cartridge on epson T13 printer“. The top results on google did not give me the solution. Most of them were pages containing advertisements for software and other un-related products.

Anyway, I was informed that you don’t replace the ink cartridge of an Epson T13 T22 series printer the way you replace regular printers’ ink cartridges. That is, you don’t just open the printer and replace the faulty cartridge manually. You need to open up its program which was installed on the computer when you installed the printer’s driver and follow the instructions from there.

How to Replace Ink Cartridge on Epson T13 Printer

  1. Click Start — Control Panel
    • Click on View Devices and Printers under Hardware And Sound
      Control Panel for Changing Printer Cartridge
  2. On the next window, under Printers and Faxes, find ‘EPSON T13 T22E Series’ and double click it.
    Devices and printer for cartridge replacement
  3. On the ‘EPSON T13 T22E Series’ window, click the ‘Customize your printer’ link under ‘Printer Management’.
    Epson Menu for cartridge replacement
  4. The ‘EPSON T13 T22E Series Properties’ window opens. Click the ‘Preferences’ button near the bottom of the ‘General’ tab.
    Customize Printer for Epson T13
  5. The EPSON T13 T22E Series Printing Preferences’ window opens. Click on the ‘Maintenance’ tab (the rightmost tab).
    Preferences for T13 cartridge replacement
  6. Click on the ‘Ink Cartridge Replacement’ button.
    Maintenance of Epson T13 printer
  7. If you have not connected your printer cable to your computer yet, the following notice will appear:
    ink replacement for t13 printer
    So, connect the printer cable and turn on the printer, and click the ‘OK’ button of the above window. The ‘stop/maintenance’ button led light on the printer would be blinking orange.
  8. This ‘Ink Replacement Utility’ window appears. Click OK to proceed with the ink replacement.
    ink replacement for epson t13
  9. Then follow the instructions on each window that appears.
  10. And
    how to replace ink cartridge <a href="">epson t13</a> printer
  11. Press the ‘stop/maintenance’ button on the EPSON T13 T22E Series printer (the one next to the power button). At this point, the printer will start working on its own, complete with cranking, creaking sounds and some shaking as it tries to test the new cartridge. After a few seconds, the maintenance button will stop blinking, and the printer will go on standby mode. Click ‘Finish’.

Finally, click the OK button on the “EPSON T13 T22E Series Printing Preference” window and close all the other open windows e.g. EPSON T13 T22E Series Properties, etc.

And that’s how you replace an ink cartridge on the EPSON T13 T22E Series Printer.

Credits: First helpful site so far was extremecow answers‘s ‘How to replace cartridge epson t13 printer?’ page answered by McRaven.


    1. The manual comes in the form of a big piece of paper folded four times, and the ink replacement issue was not there. If they are cost-cutting, they could always use recycled paper, and explain in fine prints that ‘no new trees were cut down in the making of this manual’. That way, Epson will be recognized as a ‘green’ company.
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  1. Hi James,

    Thank you so much for the great tutorial, I am going to change my printer, probably to Epson, not sure yet..

    And this post is definitely bookmarked.



    1. Hi Kimi,

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. I got my epson for my kids’ homework printing needs. It worked nicely so far. 🙂

    1. Hi Bill, like I said above, I posted this as reference should in the future I find myself forgetting how to replace ink on my Epson printer. Hopefully, it will help others too. 🙂

  2. hi i am having a epson t13 color printer
    but it is not printing pink color what may be the problem please anybody can help me ??????????

    1. Is it giving you warning that a cartridge is short on ink?

      Have you tried a Nozzle Check and then Head Cleaning?

      On the bottom right of your screen, right click on the printer icon and explore the options there.

  3. My epson t13 was given the drum ink of t10. It worked well for about a month. But now it is showing ‘ink is not recognized’ though the 4 drums have much ink.

    1. First thing that comes to mind, considering that it had worked well for a month, is that it’s probably a problem with the contacts, that is, the chip-like circuitry on the ink cartridges that gets to connect with the printer. But I’m no expert, so whenever a problem comes up that I can’t solve or am afraid to mess up even more I call the technical folks at the store where I bought my T13.

  4. Will compatible or recycled ink cartridges work with T13 T22 or only Epson original? Due to the chip on the cartridge I suspect there some kind of detection built in to prevent us from using non-originals?

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    1. I suppose Epson must have built in that detection thingy on their hardware. Non-original ink would be bad business for their ink department. 🙂

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