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A week ago my 11-year-old son asked me to teach him HTML. I’ve been doing some tweaking on a theme that I planned to use for another site I am about to put up after finding another possibly profitable key phrase with MNF. He asked me how I was able to change the look of a webpage. I told him I used PHP. And inevitably he asked me to teach him PHP. Really? Yes, dad. Ok, you’ll have to know some HTML before getting into PHP. Ok, teach me HTML. Thinking he’ll soon forget about this after an hour, I told him I’ll teach him HTML for kids tomorrow.

Long story short, he bugged me daily about my promise that about 3 days ago finally got cornered into showing him the basic HTML layout in notepad.


	<h1>Header Text</h1>
	<p>Paragraph content here.</p>

As expected, he got fascinated by the instant results he saw of his work in notepad as it transforms into a webpage. I remember feeling the same excitement years ago when I first stumbled upon HTML. His excitement grew further when I showed him some basic inline styling enabling him to change background color, text color, text- alignment and font-size.

Not having much aptitude at teaching and finding that his interest is not the flash-in-a-pan kind, I had to seek help by googling for ‘HTML for kids’ and found the following resources to help me structure a lesson plan;

BTW, my MNF ToGo USB just arrived today. MNF can be installed in 2 computers only but with the MNF ToGo USB (which is a free bonus for purchasing MNF), I can run MNF in any computer.

[tip]You can find information about MNF here.[/tip]


  1. I remember that first rush of excitement when I published the beginnings of my first website. It was a real sense of achievement. I think it’s great he wants to learn and that you are able to teach him.

    Being so young he will pick it up pretty quickly. It won’t be long before he will be teaching you.
    .-= Sire´s latest blog ..My First Squidoo Lens & About Bloody Time Too =-.

    1. I never thought of that factor there, him teaching me. But, I like the idea because I really need someone to prod me into doing something. I am not very good at self-motivation. If I were, this blog would be somewhere better than where it is now. 🙂

      As to the kid’s progress, he’s doing good. He’s even starting to show off to his friends. I’ll be setting up a sub-domain for him here pretty soon, so he can see his work and his progress.
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  2. I’ve just started teaching my 7 year old daughter some of the basics of html.

    I’m pretty fortunate as my background is in teaching and social care with children and young people so planning a structured learning route is pretty much taken care of… I would like to find some child friendly ‘how to videos’ that she could follow along to support what I teach her (I would make them myself but she’d probably spend most of the time giggling at me talking on a video lol).

    I’m going to check out the resources you’ve shared and see what they offer. Thanks.

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  3. I really like this idea to teach HTML for kids. From this kids can learn HTML easily. I have also checked those sites which you have given and they are really very nice.This would be helpful for my niece.

    1. hi Will, what can I do? Kids just seem to get interested in a lot of things early. Even the ones that we bar them from doing or even thinking about. 🙂

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