Hulbert Lee’s Ultimate Focus Guide

If you take the time to browse through this blog, you’ll notice that around a year after I started, I used to post a measly average of 8 articles per month. Compare that to some cool blogs out there that output 8 articles (some even more) per day. Later, it got worse and I posted only 1 article in some months. If there are months that show more than a couple of posts, it’s usually because some guest bloggers submitted their articles for posting.

Although I do have a day job, which needless to say, gives me less blogging time, the reason for my pathetic performance in my blogging, and just about everything I venture into, is not that I lacked time. I lack motivation and focus.

Lately, I decided I’m getting tired of this rut and wanted to free myself of my lack of motivation, absence of focus, and procrastination. I need change. God, I can’t count the number of times I’ve procrastinated to act on this need for change.

Thus, when I browsed through a bookstore, the book ‘100 Ways to Motivate Yourself’ by Steve Chandler jumped out to me from the shelf. As I was lazily surfing the net, Google presented me with the ‘[wpPopWizard item_id=kswppw_in1ine clickthru= newwindow=yes inltext=”<p>Turn time into an ally to accomplish what we want to do…</p>” ]Pomodoro Technique[/wpPopWizard]’. From my inbox popped out this book ‘[wpPopWizard item_id=kswppw_in1ine clickthru= newwindow=yes inltext=”<p>Hulbert Lee&#39;s website (not an affiliate link)</p>” ]Ultimate Focus Guide[/wpPopWizard]’.

I temporarily stopped my reading of the other book somewhere at the 11th or 12th way to motivate myself and dug into the Focus Guide when it came. (Distracted and procrastinating again?) 🙂

Hulbert Lee's Ultimate Focus Guide

The book was written by Hulbert Lee. It is a very carefully structured book that first introduces the reader with some specific pre-requisite knowledge before it lays out the steps to train oneself towards a focused mind.

What has the Reticular Activating System got to do with focus? I thought this reticular activating system was some kind of system inside a car engine. Turns out it’s one essential built in system that you can use to your advantage to focus and to solve problems.

The book elaborates on 3 focus keys that make up a cycle, the mastery of which will forever solve your focus problem.

I have just finished reading the book, but I’m going back to read it again and plan some course of action to implement what I’ve learned from it. Hopefully, I’ll be leaving behind this dry phase of my life and welcoming a new phase that’s filled with motivation and focus and awesome returns.

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