I Like This Hansel and Gretel Story Better

We watched Hansel and Gretel a couple of days ago and went home certain that I definitely like this story better than the one I heard when I was a kid.

I know the original story by heart because back in the 3rd grade, I played Hansel in our school play while a cute girl (who’s a doctor now) played Gretel.

Hansel and Gretel grows to become witch hunters

Of course, the original story is only a small part of the new storyline in the movie because this one continuous where the original left off. But even with that alone, I would still consider this a better story because the mother and father are, after all, not necessarily evil. They only had to leave the children in the woods to protect them from death in the hands of the villagers.

head witch muriel in hansel and gretel movieThe movie shows a lot of ugly evil faces and, of course, unlimited blood and gore. More often than not, I would stay away from movies of this type, but this one turns out to be an exception of some sort. I didn’t seem to find the blood and gore too offensive. Or, is it just me levelling up to tolerate seeing blood and gore now that I’m older?

I love it that they cast Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) as Hansel and Jean Grey, err Famke Janssen, as Muriel.

hansel and gretel witch hunters screenshot

The movie is super fun to watch. Don’t mind the guns that don’t seem to fit the era of witch-burning hypocrites. But come to think of it, if guns were already available in those days, it would really make any legitimate witch-hunters’ job easier. And those steel strings sure makes for a fun way to slice overspeeding witches into small pieces.

I think I’m going to buy a DVD (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) of this movie as I think this one passes my criteria for highly re-watchable movies. I wouldn’t recommend it for children viewing though. That’s why only me and my wife watched it.

“Some people will say that not all witches are evil. That they’re powers could be used for good. I say burn them all!”

Do you know that the line above created some very interesting and funny reading as it created a thread of seemingly endless debate on religion, atheism, witchcraft, etc. Check it out here.