Information Paralysis

I only had some vague conception before about information paralysis and thought it did not apply to me, until I watched a members only video* just recenlty elaborating on what information paralysis is. It’s got something to do with a cycle that is never ending which can trap one who is not watchful enough. I think this has some relation to information overload and analysis paralysis(?).

The Information Paralysis Cycle

The cycle goes like this:

information paralysis cycle

Of course, I realized immediately that I’ve been a victim of information paralysis, and has been trapped in it for a considerable time. The video sort of became an instrument to wake me up and gave me space to consider what I could do about my dilemma.

My harddrive now contains a considerable number of information products related to keyword research, affiliate marketing, IM, Adsense, list building, backlinking, linkbuilding, traffic techniques, product creation, autoresponder methods, PLR, etc., etc.

Did I enjoy the results as promised in the sales pages of those products? Nope!


My first reaction would be to blame those gurus and authors who made those products and accuse them of selling crap! All those digital products are nothing but rehashed information anyone can find in the internet. They make ebooks that only suggest what you should do but never really give you the details because they are holding the information up as a supplement ebook which you then need to buy next.

I can go on and on. And it’s not only me who’s ranting this way. You’ll also find the same complaints being made everywhere… in forums, in blogs, etc.

The Truth

The complaints I made above might be partly true in a few cases, but in most of those products the “no results” outcome is due solely to my own inaction.

How to Break the Information Paralysis Death Cycle

Yes, the single event that can break the Information Paralysis Death Cycle is to

Take Action‘.

Let’s see what effect ‘Taking action’ has if inserted on the cycle this time.

breaking information paralysis cycle
As you can see, it now loses its death trap appearance. You can still go ahead with the cycle but instead of you being trapped in it, you have full control (of when you want to dive back into the cycle) because you do it this time in the form of ‘rinse and repeat’ or to go look for more avenues for income generation.

Ok. You need not believe me because I’m no guru who has years of experience in my belt. Like I implied earlier, I have just realized all this and awakened from the nightmare trap. I am now working to implement this plan and see what’s in store ahead for me . If you want to ride along, you may visit this blog every now and then and see how I fare. After all, my byline is “learning seo and blogging by experience”.

Come learn with me. 🙂

*Shannon Herod


  1. I think most marketers have been pulled in to this cycle at some time. I know I have paid many thousands of dollars for methods that were actually working but the results were slow so I started looking for something to speed up the process. This then becomes an obession of chasing the ultimate method net result lots of know how but so much time watching videos and too little actually applying the knowledge. The difference between success and failure is application.

  2. Taking action is definitely a smart move James, otherwise you’d go broke before getting your business off the ground. Personally I don’t go buying everything I see onion because I know most of it is useless offering nothing more than what you can find online for free.

    1. Exactly. And I am finding it difficult to create my own giveaway (an ebook, as suggested by gurus so I can begin building my list) because as much as possible, I don’t want to give anyone rehashed information they can easily find available online.

  3. Great graphics. The first circle describes the “latest shiny new object” phenomenon. It is easy to get distracted and taken in a new direction by some new sales pitch.

    1. Hi Ned! Thanks.

      The ‘latest shiny new object’ can become an addiction. I now try to stay away from sites and forums where these shiny new objects are flaunted in my face. 🙂

  4. Good post. The first circle describes the “latest shiny new object” phenomenon.It was Very refreshing post with attractive ideas. I am looking forward to read your next great article.keep continue your post .i like your writing style.thanks for sharing.

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