Just Got Brian’s Promotional Buttons

It took almost a month for Brian’s ExtremeEzine.com buttons to arrive. I remembered asking Brian for some of his promotional buttons sometime ago. Who doesn’t want freebies anyway? Besides, Brian is giving a chance for everyone who gets his promotional buttons to be featured in his blog. That is of course if you make it to the top of his selections.

extremeezine on moralde.com

The way I see it, I’m in for a tough competition. I think Sire of wassupblog is planning on wearing his button while being chased by a shark in some murky Australian waters. (My spy overheard this plan in one of Brian’s comment section). Who can top that? And Sheryl Loch of sherylloch.com has most probably been waving her buttons in Vegas weeks ago. I don’t know which square meter of Vegas is least spectacular (is there ever any?). If perhaps I could arrange a quick photo with Manny Pacquiao wearing his seven championship belts with my left paw smack on his jaw, I’d probably have a chance of being noticed by Brian. Then again, after taking a month to get around the world, I’m not sure if the promotion is still on.

Whatever happens, I’m not about to let this buttons go unnoticed. I’m giving one to my kid to put on his backpack. We both love collecting buttons like this you know.

11_16_09 ExtremeEzinebuttonn

I guess Brian still has a lot of buttons left. So, for those other bloggers who haven’t gotten theirs, you can go to extremeezine.com and comment on this article of Brian’s: Get Featured with Promotional Buttons. He’ll send you your buttons without cost, and according to Brian, anywhere at all, even if it be on the moon.

Now, seriously, how does one top a shark chase?


  1. Hi James, I’m glad you received the buttons. Thanks for all that link luv. I do want to clarify one thing though, everyone that sends me a photo of them displaying the button in public and sends the featured post content will be featured. That gives everyone the opportunity to write there own post and promote their sites. The truth is I’m just lazy lol. So you don’t have to compete with sharks and the Vegas strip to get featured but the cooler pictures will find their way to the top of the page. Now we can enjoy Sire being chased by a shark. I wonder if he’ll get that on video?

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for the clarification.

      Yes, I do hope Sire will catch the shark chase on video. ROFL! BTW, my wife found an idea that can top a shark chase. A chase with a ‘bigger’ shark! LOL! Thing is, sharks are the last thing I would want to see even a hundred meters from me.

  2. Thats great! I remember seeing Brian’s buttons on John Sullivans Pot Politics blog a while back, he took some creative pictures with them thats for sure.

    1. @extremejohn: Yeah, I guess a lot of bloggers have received Brian’s buttons. Button’s cool. 🙂

  3. @willy: Hi Will, did you see that link in this post that says ‘Get Featured with Promotional Buttons’. Click that link and when you get there, post a comment saying you’re interested to get the promotional buttons as well.

  4. Hey, I was only kidding about the shark. 😀 I reckon I’ve got more chance of getting a shot with a koala or possible a kangaroo. At least I would be alive to write a post about it. 😉

    Thanks for the link luv James.

  5. @Sire: Hahaha…Sire, I know. But just the same, I can’t help but conjure an image of you being chased by a medium-sized tiger shark with Brian’s button between your teeth. 🙂

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