Lasik: Royal Road to Better Vision

After lugging for quite some time on top of your nose those pair of glasses, you have to admit having spent some moments thinking of how it would be like going without the hassle of wearing glasses. If there’s a way to live life without glasses or contact lenses, would you take it? Yes, of course. And again, yes, there is a way and they call it LASIK. Lasik is short for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, a type of eye surgery which utilizes laser technology to re-shape the cornea to reduce or totally eliminate the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Considering several eye surgeries, Lasik is known to be the most preferred surgery in the US, because with extensive studies done in this field, lasik has become even safer today. It is also the quickest way to get better vision. You can have your lasik surgery today, normally without feeling any pain, and be up and about in no time at all. Recovery takes only a few hours after the surgery and vision returns to normal in about a day or two. Studies and stats about Lasik results are elaborated here where it says that 99% report quality of life (improved) as expected, better, or much better. For more detailed information about lasik please go to lasik info where you will find why Lasik is better than other alternatives like PRK, LASEK/Epi-Lasik, etc.


Among several outstanding eye centers in the US that specializes in LASIK surgery is the Stahl Eye Center which has 3 clinics in New York (including Manhattan and Long Island) and has been serving eye patients for over 35 years. The center boasts of top doctors who are products of top universities in the USA such as UCLA, John Hopkins and Yale. Whichever eye clinic you finally choose, the doctors make the difference. At Stahl Eye Center, their top doctors offer one-on-one consultation and provide individualized care and use only the most advanced technology there is.

Personally, I think Lasik is the most convenient surgery worth taking. Whether you’re the athletic type (in which case, glasses are an extra inconvenience), or the non-athletic type, you most honestly know that glasses and contact lenses are taking some degree of freedom from you. Want to throw away those glasses and contact lenses for good? Then, take the royal road to better vision. Consider Lasik.


    1. You may have to know exactly when because I guess above 40, lasik is less like to be recommended by your doctor. I don’t know, maybe new technology has raised this age boundary.

  1. It’s not for everyone. People should make sure they grill their surgeon on issues such as pupil size, cornea thickness, and dry eyes. A large pupil can lead to blurry night vision post-lasik as the surgeon will be unable to correct the entire circumference of the pupil. Thin corneas mean there is less material to shape. Dry eyes can mean a lifetime of pain after lasik…

    That said, I had lasik, and I absolutely LOVE the results. Before the surgery, I couldn’t find the big E on the wall chart. My toes were a mystery to me without my glasses. Now my vision is 20/35, good enough to drive and play sports and read without correction. Because I stare at a computer all day, I usually wear glasses still, but it’s by choice. Lasik changed my life.

    1. Hi James, thanks for visiting my humble blog. 🙂

      What can I say? Hey folks, we got a live one here. Someone who had lasik himself. Yes, I’m sure you did your own due diligence before going under the surgeon’s hand. It must feel wonderful to be free of glasses when you go outside (after having to wear it for many years).

  2. Tips: Grab some sleep as soon as possible after the actual Lasik Surgery is performed. That offers a essential boost to the healing process. Secondly, refrain from any kind of contact to the eyes of at least 5 days.

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  3. For some people laser vision correction can be unsuccessful despite the best attempts of the surgeon. The human eye is a delicate thing and it was not designed to be cut up, even with the incredible accurate laser technology we have today. As James Lee says, check out everything before you make a decision. You can’t take chances but sometimes you have to take the plunge or you will never get anywhere.

  4. Today, LASIK is one of the greatest technology on eye treatment. Using this surgery, you find it very comfortable than using eye glasses. Especially children with young age. They are not conscious wearing anything in times of play. But it cost of time and money to spend. But it quit satisfy because the durability is long lasting.
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