Legend of the Seeker Cast

Of course the main Legend of the Seeker cast matters most – Richard Cypher (with Craig Horner being perfect for the role), Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan), Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (Bruce Spence), Darken Rahl (Craig Parker) and Cara Mason (Tabrett Bethell). These actors, as far as I’m concerned, are perfect and were born to play these roles. And Bridget Regan – why do I always think of her each time I call to mind the Twilight Series? Had she been younger and retained the look of her ‘Legend of the Seeker’ days (but younger), I think she’d play Bella better than Kristen Stewart. No offense to Kristen’s fans, but in all fairness, Kristen does have the looks but her acting is a little bit wanting in some parts.

I liked Legend of the Seeker the first time I saw it re-played on TV. I have not followed it very religiously but today, I had to take a sick leave due to a sinusitis attack (which may have been triggered by the odd weather and the stress of serving as examiner for the first time in the recent civil service examination). Having nothing to do at home and being bored after the effect of the decongestants wore off (which means I’m no longer sleepy), I browsed through the DVD collections beneath the TV rack and found the Legend of the Seeker disc. It contained the Legend of the Seeker season 2 episodes 13 to 22.

Needless to say, I had one hell of a good time watching these cool episodes of magic, courage, friendship, love, treachery, apathy. One can’t help but notice that Richard and Kahlan are both good lovers material both on and off screen. I wonder if they are really close off screen. Robert Tapert did a really cool job of getting these two to play the lead roles. The producers of the show agreed with Tapert, especially after they had the two brought to Los Angeles for a ‘chemistry reading’ and found both to be perfect.

Cara Mason. Gosh, I love this sexy creature. She’s the sexiest Mord’Sith I’ve ever seen. Perhaps meeting a Mord’Sith like her, with her agiel (weapon that inflict utter pain), would most surely turn any man into a masochist. Like I said before, she’s also perfect for the role. She so cooly handled the role of an apathetic red-leather clad warrior, who, upon having transferred her allegiance to the Seeker, now is confused by the changes she experiences within…from being apathetic to feeling compassion, love, kindness, happiness, etc. I’m not sure about it in the original books, but in the television series, she is bisexual.

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Legend Of The Seeker Season 2 Ep 16 – 1 of 5:

Legend Of The Seeker Season 2 Ep 16 – 2 of 5 :

Legend Of The Seeker Season 2 Ep 16 – 3 of 5 :

Legend Of The Seeker Season 2 Ep 16 – 4 of 5:

Legend Of The Seeker Season 2 Ep 15 – 5 of 5 :