Life Insurance: A Perfect Holiday Gift

A term life insurance may just be the perfect holiday gift to give your family this year. Why? Because it’s what we all want throughout the entire year, and most of all at the next holiday season: peace of mind.

Put simply, a term life policy provides your family financial stability should you die. That stability gives your spouse and children (and, of course, you) the comfort and confidence of knowing that their future is protected. Term life insurance coverage helps make sure that, even if your income disappears suddenly, there would still be enough money for your spouse to pay for your children’s college education; enough to pay off all your debts; enough to cover your mortgages; and even enough to pay for your funeral expenses.

Term life insurance provides protection for a specific period of time (or term). This ability to obtain temporary coverage—for a set number of years—gives you the power to make sure that your family can maintain the lifestyle you have worked so hard to create for them, even after you’re gone.

What is the value of this peace of mind and stability? You can never put a price tag on the emotional security that life insurance provides. That is what makes the affordability of a high-quality term policy so surprisingly welcome. Term life insurance costs a negligible fraction of permanent life insurance. Various types of permanent policies include whole life, universal life, and variable universal life. Any one of these may be suitable for you and your family, but plan on paying five or more times as much as you will for term life insurance. With a term policy, you can expect to pay less per day than you’d pay for a mocha at the neighborhood coffee shop.

There is another huge difference between term and permanent life insurance: a permanent policy requires a medical examination and an extensive questionnaire. But with term policy you can get that in a matter of minutes from a reputable, experienced company, and without a medical exam!

By all means, get a permanent life insurance if you can afford one. Buy life insurance. Just make certain you also have the unique type of protection that only a term life insurance policy can provide. It couldn’t be easier.

These days, you can compare life insurance rates online (check out Online Life Insurance), and then get a free, no-obligation quote quickly (in seconds). You may be able to choose policies of 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, or 30-year terms, or in some cases, up to age 85 (or even beyond that).

If the quote fits your budget, you may be able to make the purchase immediately. With many companies, you can talk with an insurance agent over the phone, if needed. Either way, you may be able to pay your first month’s premium online, then download and print a hardcopy of your policy. Before filing that policy away with your important family documents, however, you may want to roll it up (or place it in a nice box or envelope), tie a ribbon around it, and give it to your spouse this holiday season. It may be one of your nicest, most memorable gifts ever. It says, “I love you. And I want to do everything I can to protect you even after I’m gone.”

The holiday season is fast approaching. Give the gift of peace of mind. It’s affordable and easy—now, you can even get life insurance without a medical examination.

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