Long Overdue Blog Facelift

I have promised to do a facelift to my blog ages ago. Only now have I taken the time to implement it, and I’m not even sure if I should call it a facelift. A facelift usually implies a better appearance. Whatever  a facelift means or implies, I’m sure I like the way my blog looks now.  I should have taken a snapshot of the previous look of this blog to display it here so you can judge for yourself.

There was no change in theme actually. It’s all a matter of tweaking of the colors, the headers and a change of images used. For those who can’t recall what it looked like before, it has a dark green background that gradients into lighter green downward. The header is loud red and the blog name and description are in white.  There’s some faint gray (or some shade of the same effect) background to the blog contents and the sidebar have white titles with dark (maroon?) background. It was the default colors of the theme I used I suppose.

I also implemented a few more plugins like the flexi qoute rotator, exec php, maxblogpress stripe ad,  and some not so obvious ones e.g. wp note.  I may need to make more tweakings later on as there might have been some settings I’ve forgotten to change to my liking, like the effect of the  adsense injection plugin for instance. Although I like the concept (of random placement of the adsense blocks), I don’t like the way it sometimes messes up with my formatting and my images. It might have to go eventually.

Like I said earlier, I feel good at the way my blog appears now. The facelift I effected reflects more about me and my tastes. There is even a face lifted unto the header right there. That’s me by the way. 🙂 Don’t let my good looks (…cough…) scare you though. I’m actually a lot friendlier than I look.

P.S. I have implemented the Top Commentators plugin and also added a blogroll box of my favourite blogs. I’ll be adding more to this ‘Blogs I Like’ list soon.


  1. I\’m not sure I remember what it looked like before, but I can say that I\’m really liking the way it looks now. The header is really cool and the theme is not congested like some blogs I\’ve seen.

    If I were to make one suggestion to further it\’s improvement it would be to add a \’subscribe to comments\’ plugin 😉

  2. Thanks guys. Looks like I’m gonna be keeping this look for keeps.

    And thanks Sire for the suggestion. I’ll look into it very soon.

  3. Noel… my first time here, so I cannot not compare what it use to look like. But I do like the current design. It is very nice and clean… and easy to read. I have never seen anyone display Adsense ads like you have at the beginning of this post with that stagger-step look. Does that have good results for you? Only suggestion would be that you get rid of the “Annoying security code” above, as it is really not necessary if you are using Akismet and you are just creating an extra step for someone to leave a comment.

    NoelMoralde: Thanks for your suggestion about the captcha, Doug. I myself am not really comfortable about it. It’s gone now.

  4. Thanks Jacob, Doug.

    The adsense is not really set up that way. If you try to refresh the same page, you will see them in different locations this time. That is the ‘Adsense Injection’ plugin in action. It places your chosen adsense blocks in random locations within the post area.

    The negative side of the Adsense Injection is sometimes it messes up my formatting, sometimes it shoves the images to the sides. That’s why I mentioned it above that I’m thinking of taking the plugin off.

    As to its effectivity, I can’t tell because the plugin do not allow for inclusion of channel data. If users of this plugin is to be believed, they say it improved their earnings by some considerable degree.

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