Meet the Bunwich


Almost 2 years ago we brought our very first family pet home and I wrote a post called ‘Meet the Bandit‘. Now, another girl pup has joined us. Ladies, gentlemen, and dogs….meet the Bunwich!

pet dog

While Bandit is a mix Japanese Spitz and Chihuahua, the friend from whom we got Bunwich said Bunwich is a poodle. Really, I love dogs, but I still don’t know and don’t intend to learn their breeds and all. I just love them. Of course, I don’t do the pet-licking-my-face routine. I play with them but I keep them at a safe distance from my face because, like I’ve said in the other post, I am sensitive to dust and pet hairs. My kids don’t seem to have that sensitivity though.

pet dog bunwich

My kids, 6-year old Shaniah Niles, and 12-year old James Lionel, shrieked in delight when they saw the Bunwich for the first time. While Bandit is snow white, Bunwich, born March 5 this year, is a mix of darkness and light browns. I think there are a few white fur on her chin and under belly though.

Getting a good shot at her indoors was not easy as she can’t sit still even for a second. She such a dynamo that I had to have my wife hold her so I can take a shot. I took several shots and the majority were blurs. It took all the patience I could muster just to get a few good ones out of several wasted shots.



  1. James… Such an absolute beauty. I love “the” BUNWICH already. I just hope she wont create such a havoc considering her playful nature.

    But of course that’s only wishful thinking. Haha…


    1. Yup, the Bunwich is creating quite a stir at home. Just now, the kids are really having a good time at play. Just listening at all the shrieking and yelping…priceless. 🙂

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