Modern Corporate Phone Systems

A few years back, corporate phone systems commonly involved the good old traditional analog pabx phone systems. Corporate phone systems then meant a system that carries voice and fax material data over dedicated circuit-switched connections of the PSTN (public switched telephone network ). Although IP Telephony already exists, it was not heard of yet back then. Only when I moved and got employed in a smaller business enterprise that provides virtual services online did I get to hear about such things as VOIP, automatic call distribution, call recording, and a lot of technical language terms. Now, whether it be small, medium-sized businesses, or international enterprises, the in thing when it comes to corporate phone systems is digital.

Communications today involve an exchange of data online. Call centers epitomize the most efficient use of these modern corporate phone systems. Among these efficient systems is Toshiba Phone Systems. Toshiba provides “a range of business phone systems that embodies scalability, functionality, cost-effectiveness and innovation“, one of which is the Strata CIX range. Whatever the size of the business, Toshiba has a system that would perfectly fill its needs. With a considerably long experience in the field of electrical and communication science behind them, Toshiba having started way back in 1939 by the merger of Shibaura Engineering Works and Tokyo Electric, Toshiba is a force to reckon with in corporate phone systems technology.

Aside from the famed Toshiba Phone Systems, there are also other similarly efficient phones systems such as the swyx phone systems, panasonic phone systems, avaya phone systems, siemens phone systems, and other systems. Find more information at