My BBMPulser 4B Kit Is Here!

I finally got my BBMPulser Kit! Actually, it arrived a month ago, but I was a little too caught up with office work and some other matters that I had to temporarily forego exploration and work on the kit.

My bbmpulser 4B

Andre, the guy behind, actually sent me the assembly that he used in a demo he showed in his 13th video called Open Source demo model BBMPulser 4B Strong Automatic Magnetic Pulser 1.4 Tesla (14,000 Gauss) (see video at bottom of post), which was published back in August last year.

When I finally got to test it though, I got a blast of a time as I finally saw and felt for myself the BBMPulser 4B working in all its glory for the first time.

The coil that was attached to the demo unit is probablly a little loose as evidenced by the audible thudding it gives off when it pulses. Andre, however, sent me an extra coil that is ‘silent’.

He also sent me a sturdy metallic case where I should move and re-assemble the pulser in.

Andre sent me a case just like this. (Pic taken from Andre’s blog:

Currently, it is still in its original condition as I still have yet to move it to the new case, but I have already been using it every now and then. And it never fails to get me awed at its power.

Curiousity had me tinkering with its insides. I got my old cheapo multimeter (as my new Mestek DM100C that I bought online died after only 2 months of ‘rarely’ being used).

A few observations:

  • While the readings for all other elements in the circuit rounds of to, more or less, the values reflected in the circuit diagram, my multimeter reads 60 Ohms for R9 (the resistor that connects pin 2 and 3 of the optocoupler, which supposedly is 10K).
  • The ‘ground’ symbols on the diagram actually is ‘neutral’ and is not meant to be connected to the chassis.

The assembly is a 110V powered one. And I am in a country with 220V power, so I had procured beforehand a 150W transformer.

And, of course, like any regular guy, I sometimes get into idiot mode and forget about the 110V/220V difference. I once plugged the BBMPulser 4B directly into the 220V outlet!

I got it to pulse twice before I unplugged it. At each pulse, the wire winding around the ‘main resistor’ (the large white ceramic thingy) glowed an awesome orange. And I thought it was goodbye for the BBMPulser. But when I tried it again, this time using the transformer, it still worked like it should. I still have to consult Andre about this though. Perhaps there are some parts that I may have to replace to keep it working at its tiptop condition.


Being so generous, Andre has made his BBMPulser 4B circuit open source, long time ago. But he didn’t stop there. He has just recently made his BBMPulser 5B also open source! You can get it here .

Magnetic Pulser Video: