My Latest Photo Fun: Interesting Sky

My latest photo fun happened last February 6 when I was awakened from my day dreaming by the kids outside telling me about an interesting sky. True enough I saw clouds and the sun about to set painting an interesting composition. I scrambled back inside the house and grabbed the camera. I would have wanted to set up my tripod too, but I had a feeling that this interesting work of art is not going to last long. And newbie as I am, I even had a bit of confusion as I tried to adjust my settings after every hurried shot I made.

Here are the photos I took. A professional photographer who has really mastered the equipment surely would have captured and produced a much better picture of the western sky. Alas, I am far from that stage. I hope the next time this grand handiwork happens, I’ll be better equiped skill-wise in capturing it.

The spectacle changed quite rapidly I had to hurry with my shooting.

interesting sky sunset cloud

interesting sky sunset clouds

Photo Fun: Night Sky shots

And on the 8th of February, I took this moon-shot. I had taken a couple of moonshots before with the kit lens, but this is the first moonshot I took using the 18-200mm IS lens.

moon shot 200mm

The moon was still going for full moon status (is that how you say it?). So, on the 11th, I took another moon shot. The result was more or less like the one above except that it showed more moon surface this time. However, on DPP I tried adjusting the White Balance and got this result.
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14 Replies to “My Latest Photo Fun: Interesting Sky”

  1. Whoa! To be honest, that looks like one of those clouds in Super Mario on the Nintendo 64. Didn’t believe such things existed in real life 🙂

    Wonder what peach’s up to.


    1. As I got a feeling that the cloud photo opportunity would not last very long, I opted to just shoot handheld.

      As for all moonshots, I always use a tripod. There’s no way my camera could efficiently cope up with my hand shake and produce clear moonshots. 🙂

    1. Hi Meg, thanks. I’m learning the ropes of photography gradually. I hope I could make really crisp photos soon. 🙂

    1. Tripod could possibly be set up in less than a minute, but I have no idea how long such cloud and light formations would last. So I didn’t take chances. Things like these may last only a few seconds. The one above actually lasted around 4 minutes, constantly fading away every second.

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