My Simple Business Plan: The Prequel

Knowing what I know now so far, I would have started out with the following simple business plan, and I would have earned what I am earning now quite sooner and hopefully a little bit more.

  1. Get MNF or some other keyword research tool e.g. Market Samurai. Again, as I’ve stated in an earlier post (Manual Keyword Research Method), I can still work things out without Micro Niche Finder. But experience dictates that if I want to find profitable keywords faster, I’d have no second thoughts regarding the effectiveness of MNF. I’d estimate that I’m able to find a good keyphrase in a couple of search-focused hours using MNF. This owuld roughly be equivalent to, say, a whole week of focused manual searching using Google Adwords Keywords tool and further manual verification. Sometimes, if I get really lucky, I’d get a good keyphrase in a single click using MNF’s ‘Brainstorm’ feature.
  2. Having found one or more good keyphrases using MNF, I’d further refine my investigation on the profitability of the keyphrase using the free version of Traffic Travis. Using its ‘SEO Analysis’ feature, I’d further see how I’d fare with the competition.
  3. Having made sure my keyphrases are good, I’d proceed to get me webhosting (if I didn’t have one yet) for at least a year. Lunarpages should be good enough, as like a lot of webhosts they also offer unlimited domains and subdomains. Since Lunarpages offers a FREE domain, I’d use one of the keyphrases as my primary domain. Most veteran webmasters would advise limiting oneself to only the .com, .net and .org tld extensions.
  4. If I have more than one good keyphrases to start with, I’d buy these domain names, say, from Godaddy or Moniker.
  5. Collect data for content of each website I’m putting up.
  6. Decide whether to use WordPress or static html/PHP pages. If I foresee that a particular website will have a lot of pages, I’ll go for WordPress. If a website is to contain only one, 2, or 12 pages, I’d use html/PHP. And this is possible only because I already have some knowledge in html/PHP. Otherwise, I’d use wordpress for all websites I put up, one-pager or multi-pager.
  7. Create the websites and the pages it is to contain.
  8. Configure my cPanel in my webhost to hold the websites for each domain.
  9. Install WordPress (if using wordpress) for each domain and input the contents. (Here, I add AdSense codes (once my application gets approved) in the content. Depending on the main keyphrase, I may also add links to Amazon products.*)
  10. Try to get the new websites indexed by Google by creating a backlink to the sites from sites that Google crawls often.
  11. *Apply for Adsense account. Apply for Amazon affiliate account.
  12. Do backlinking work. A lot of people say that the rate of backlinking is to be limited especially in the first few weeks of a website’s existence. It’s got something to do with avoiding getting thrown into Google’s sandbox.

Henceforth, all I’ll be doing is backlinking work and some on site work, e.g. adding additional pages, editting, etc. And, of course, monitoring of my Google serp position. Well, I’m no longer that newbie but I now follow this simple business plan that I concocted out of experience. Note, that this simple business plan is based on earning through adsense and affiliate marketing e.g. amazon. Should I learn about CPA & listbuilding and other income generating ideas, this simple business plan might change with time.


    1. Due to the brevity of this comment, it was automatically relegated to the spam folder. However, I saved it from drowning there as I found this one constructive, and thus worthy of a reply.

      Maish, what’s so un-realistic about this plan? If you noticed the title: My Simple Business Plan: The Prequel, I didn’t place the world ‘prequel‘ there for decorative purposes only. It’s my fault though for not explaining further. Well here’s my explanation now:

      The prequel word there implies that this is a look back. The list of steps I enumerated here are actually steps I have already taken in the past and still doing even now. The difference is that, a year ago, I was groping in the dark and doing things haphazardly and without a plan. I just experimented and tried out any seo and blogging tip I encountered. Now, I’m looking back and picking out the steps I took that worked. This is now the plan I implement for any new site I make.

      As you can see here, the monetization methods are rather very basic. I’m again experimenting on other ways to earn from my online ventures. Should I find new things that work, I’ll update this plan. Eventually, this plan will no longer be called ‘Simple‘.

  1. I’m just starting on my online ventures, I read tons of ebooks by the so called gurus that only got me confused. Your simple plan, for me, is more realistic to achieve.

    Is MNF free?, well while waiting for your answer, i’ll go ahead and google it.

    My plan is to create an almost maintenance free site, maintenance free in a way that content need not to be added everyday so i could focus on the promotion part, getting backlinks and etc.

    This is a good read james, I’m still on a quest to finding a good key phrase.
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    1. Hi dude, MNF is not free. I have praised this software in some of my blog posts before. Currently, however, it’s not working due to the changes in Google’s algorithms. The program’s creators are still busy getting it up back in shape.

      So, you’re into auto-blogging, eh? That’s cool.

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