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I’ve now used online free storage for my file transfer needs. After having gone through the ordeal of being hacked, I’ve become quite paranoid when it comes to downloading and transfering files. When I work on the office computers, which are used by multiple users (who plug in USBs and other gadgets without even bothering to scan for viruses), I often have to save files so I can continue working on it at home. Now, I do not save the files on my own USB. Who knows what viruses and trojans can slide into my USB from the office computer’s hard disk. What I do is upload the file to an online free storage site.

MediaFire Online Free Storage

Like I said, since I got hacked, I now use my USB only as a backup gadget, not something to transfer files from one computer to another. Whenever I need to transfer files, I do it using MediaFire. Sometimes, friends ask for a copy of some particular file from my laptop. Instead of having their USBs potentially spreading their dirt on my laptop, I just give them a share url from which they can download the file online.

My mediafire account page. I can create unlimited number of folders.

Access PC Files Anywhere

I once was refered by someone to use Mozy. Mozy however requires me to download a software to install on my computer. As you can probably relate, if you’ve been compromised before, I cringe at this arrangement. So I tried mediafire. I have not since looked for other online free storage service.

Surfing the internet, I often bump into files that I may want to download and share, like mp3s, pictures, movies, some occasional applications, etc. After downloading them, I upload them up to my mediafire account and generate a share url. This then I send to my friends or post on my facebook or blog for my friends to enjoy too.

Mediafires download and upload speeds are amazingly quick. For free users, the maximum upload size per file is 200MB and for Premium users, 2GB. Award winning and considered by many to be the best free file host, it features unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, unlimited storage, download resuming, etc. You can even use their services without creating an account. The caveat is that you must not clear your web browser’s cache. The best option of course is to create an account. This way, you can upload files from any computer anytime and manage and share them easily.

Your files are secure and cannot be found just by anyone trying to search for files randomly. The only way anyone can access your files is when you provide them with your sharing url. Besides, should you want an extra layer of security, you can always password protect them. For now, I use a free account. Who knows, in the near future, when I need mediafire’s direct linking or hot linking feature, I just might upgrade to premium.

To create your free account, just go to MediaFire.

MediaFire Online Free Storage Video


  1. My laptop crashed and the techies could not restore it. Have been given a new laptop but did lose some work so this post is very relevant to me.Thanks for the article. I liked reading it

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