Other Keyword Research Techniques II

I have posted ‘Other Keyword Research Techniques‘ sometime in February where I elaborated on one particular technique which I believe not everyone knows yet.

Long Tails Keywords Research

Ok, this is something you may have already known, but a friend who had just embarked on the blogging arena asked me what I meant when I said in my previous post about other keyword research techniques:

2. You could use the new keyword as a seed keyword and search for its long tails.


One very helpful tool for finding longtails is of course Google Suggest. You’ve been seeing this everytime you type something in the google search textbox where a dropdown list attempts to guess what you’re searching for, or tries to show you search terms similar to what you’re typing. When you type the first word, your seed keyword, Google suggests the next possible words to form a phrase. The phrases it suggests are of course the long tails for your seed keyword.

other research techniques

Like I said earlier, you may have already known this, unless you’re such a newbie you don’t know that Google started out as a result of the initiatives of two young guys who are now multi-billionaires. Whew, these guys must have been saintly in their previous lives.

While the above image shows Google suggesting other words following your seed keyword to form a keyphrase, you can also have Google suggest to you other words coming before your seed keyword. All you do is move the cursor leftward until it stops at the leftmost side of the search box. It will then show a dropdown list of suggested phrases containing words positioned before your keyword. If it does not, try pressing the space bar and wait a few micro seconds.

other research techniques_

Other Keyword Research Techniques

Remember when you want to search for blogs using keywordluv and similar in content to your blog for the purpose of leaving comments for backlink purposes? What you did is to search for footprints. So, if your blog is about dog training, you typed in the search box:

dog training “Enter YourName@Keywords”

Well, the following technique will give you the chance to find what keywords are bringing traffic to your competition. What you’ll be doing is take advantage of a wordpress plugin that a lot of wordpress blogs are using which reveals keyphrases that brought them traffic. One such technique is to type on google search box the following:

dog training “recent search terms”

This will give you a list of blogs that discusses dog training using this particular wordpress plugin. And usually in the sidebars, you’ll see the recent search terms that readers used to get to their blogs. But the better methods is to use the following search terms instead:

dog training “popular search terms”

This will reveal the keyphrases that a lot of people used often to find the blog. More often than not, these keyphrases would have greater number of searchers than those that are returned by ‘recent search terms’.

What? You also already know about these? Ok, how about this next technique.

Another Free Keyword Research Technique

If you’ve read my previous post on ‘Other Keyword Research Techniques’, you’d notice a technique of checking out what other online enterpreneurs have come up in their painstaking research for keywords to make websites around. I have mentioned in that post the site that would be very helpful for this purpose.

There is also another site that gives similar data. That is, it lists all newly registered domains worldwide. And knowing that having your keyword in the domain name is an excellent seo technique, you’ll find a mine of keywords from these data. If you decide to utilize the keyphrases, what happens next would be a race, between you and the owners of those newly registered domains from which you found the keyphrases, to the google top serps.

The site you can take advantage of for this purpose is http://domain-daily.com.

new registered domains

The site will present you with a calendar. Clicking on any particular date would open another page where you’ll find the domains registered on that day. It was on first visiting this site that I realized how many thousands of new domains get registered everyday.

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  1. I’m familiar with the Google suggestion tool, but i’ve never thought about getting keywords from recently registered domain names. I think it’s a fairly new technique. Thanks for mentioning

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