Portable Pen Scanner for My Kid

My son is getting into high school this June and I’ve got a mind to upgrade his school bag with some tools to help him not just to catch up but get ahead if possible. I thought of a portable pen scanner (also called portable wand scanner) and the Docupen RC800 caught my attention.

The transcript of the essential parts of the above video is as follows:

Planon recently introduced a pack of accessories for its line of DOCUPEN portable scanners. Before you look at the accessories, it’s first best to look at the promise of a portable scanner itself. What does it look like and what can it do?

A wonder wand.

It’s Docupen’s portable scanner called the RC800. It’s actually the world’s smallest full page scanner. And, it passes my stringent test of height, weight and firmness. This little device does it all. It looks like a jumbo sized pen, but what it lets you do is scan anything at any time either color or black and white. It scans a full page in only 4 seconds and have enough memory to hold 100 pages.

And then to make it even more stylish, it even comes with its leather-like case. You can store it easily in a brief case or wear it attached to your belt.

The Docupen comes with all the software you need to get you started, plus a scaled-down version of paper port…a document management program, great for keeping things organized

A sexier video detailing the Docupen RC800 portable pen scanner is embedded below, if you want to check it out.

I’m ordering a portable pen scanner for my son because I know it’s going to be one cool tool for him once he gets into high school. I imagine, had I had this tool back when I was in high school myself, things would have been a lot easier and lighter. My visits to the library would have been quicker and much more fruitful.

Let’s face it. Not all books and school material have digital versions. Not all books you study in school are in the internet, yet. And not all subject matters the teacher might assign to you could be just simply googled. The school library is not about to get phased out yet.

portable pen scanner

Ok. There’s the iPhone camera that you can use to capture pages of a book or capture your friendly classmate’s notes. Or, a digital point and shoot, which you most probably already have. But I guess there’s no doubt that a portable pen scanner is designed to perform way better for this particular job than those other gadgets.

Like Mike in the video below, if you have a non-digital printed picture you want to share to your facebook friends, it’ll just take you 10 seconds from scanning the picture to uploading it to your fb account.

Portable Pen Scanner: Docupen RC800

A newer version, the Planon Docupen RC805 portable pen scanner, is slicker. Should make one feel James Bond-ish. 🙂