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Don’t let the ‘portable’ in portable picture scanner fool you. It is actually as sharp and efficient (or even better) as your dedicated full-fledged photo scanner in your office or home. The NuLife Full Page Picture Scanner scans all kinds of photos you have that you want digitized, from your IDs to your album pictures to your enlarged (up to 8.5″ X 11″) photographs. Of course, you can also turn into digital files even non-photo files such as receipts, business cards, notes, cheques, term papers, and other documents. Since it can stand alone without need of a computer, you can bring it up to your attic where the boxes of pictures are, instead of you hauling all those boxes of old photographs downstairs.

What users like about the Nulife Full Page Picture Scanner is that you don’t need to be connected to a PC to scan anything. Of course, you can also get it connected to the PC if you want to have the scanned material savse directly to the PC’s hard drive instead of the SC Card on the photo scanner. After every scan, a preview is shown on the LCD screen on the scanner where you get immediate feedback if your document or photo has been scanned properly. Or, after scanning a lot of pictures and documents, you can play back and see all that you have scanned so far. It’s got a zoom feature where you can check really closely how the details were scanned.

Full Page Picture Scanner

picture scanner

The ‘Full Page’ term means you can scan photos and just about any document up to as big as 8.5″ X 11″ (the size of a short bond paper or A4). So, you can feed your diploma, business cards, A4-sized posters, flyers, etc. All you do is feed them, and with a simple single touch they all get digitized into jpeg format.

Portability is unquestioned judging by its size and light weight. You can just toss it into a bag and carry it wherever, whenever.

In terms of support, the NuLife Full Page Picture Scanner’s maker provides 7-days a week toll free phone-in and online web support. Online, they present tutorials and webinars on how to use the product efficiently. These all worked to bring customer satisfaction for the product up over 90%.

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Here’s one testimony of a satisfied user:
This GiiNii picture scanner is one of those objects that you didn’t realize you needed until you actually do try it. I have hundreds of old pictures, prom shots, Hollywood days (and nights), beach pictures, etc. that have sat in a big box in my garage until now. I am strangely obsessed with the preservation of all my old pictures thanks to this invaluable little device. It is so unbelievably easy to use that my 89-year-old dad was scanning old World War II pictures last night. All you need is a memory SD card (I used a 4gb size). That’s it. No computer to hook up or anything. Simply turn it on and start feeding the pictures or documents into it. It works fairly quickly and the pictures are remarkably clear…just as nice as the originals.

This portable full page picture scanner is available here.
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  1. Seems like it would be a great tool that you can take with you if you knew you were going somewhere where you knew you were likely to scan some photos. No good for me as I already have a scanner, but if I was going to my parents I could show them how great it was to make digital copies of their photos. Of course that means they would have to buy a computer to see them, and somehow I can’t see that happening anytime soon.
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    1. Why do parents think computers are nothing but cheap entertainment? That’s what my mother say even as we try to convince her that she’s missing a lot if she doesn’t learn even the basics of internet surfing. Then she’d just insist she’s too old to learn new tricks. She sticks with reading her novels and watching Oprah. 🙂

      But my mother appreciated that little electronic picture frame she placed on her side table that cycles our digital family pictures every few seconds like some sort of slideshow. Unlike the process of booting a computer, navigating with the mouse and clicking on the proper links, one simple flick of a finger to turn on the electronic picture frame does not require too steep a learning curve. 🙂

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