Prevalence Reporter Is Trying To Access The Internet

A pop up box just above the tray corner of my screen says ‘Prevalence Reporter Is Trying To Access The Internet‘. This is the action of Zone Alarm (free version) giving me personal control of what application I allow to connect to the internet. The pop-up box, especially when a lot of them successively vies for my attention, gets to be annoying sometimes. But, of course, the knowledge that I’m in full control of which of them I allow to work on is comforting.

What is Prevalence Reporter?

The presence of Prevalence Reporter means your anti-virus application is AVG. This is evidenced by its actual name, ‘avgcmgr.exe’, which you’ll find as part of Prevalence Reporter’s description displayed in the same pop up box. What does it do? Prevalence Reporter gives you an idea of how safe or dangerous a site is before you visit it. You will find that your google search results are peppered with a ‘check mark inside a green star’ graphic on the rightmost side of an entry. If the graphic displays a gray one (not green), this means that the site is either dangerous or to be treated with caution. You can hover your mouse over these green or gray graphics to display a box of information like ‘This page contains no active threat’ or ‘It is safe to proceed to this page’, etc.

So far, everytime this pop up box pops up, I always allow it through and nothing bad or, say, a slowing down, has happened. Some people say that they have tried not allowing it to connect to the internet, and nothing bad happened either. AVG still works as it should, even without it. However, those green and gray graphics won’t be there in your search results.

Prevalence Reporter un-related Video


  1. The prevalence reporter video is really un-related. But I forgot all about prevalence reporter when I saw it.

    1. Yeah, best job in the world, in this case. 🙂

      AVG does not produce the pop ups. It’s the other scanner I use called Zone Alarm that catches AVG’s prevalence reporter application as it tries to connect with the AVG ‘mothership’, and thus pops up to make you choose whether to allow it or not.

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