Renewal of EON Card and PayPal

I remember knowing that I have to renew my eon card but that was a couple of years ago when I first got it. As usual, having not recorded it on my phone’s calendar (because I didn’t get the habit of entering dates on my phone calendar until recently) I forgot about it until I saw a notification from paypal about my eon card having expired. Also, it came to this point because I haven’t been checking my emails daily these past few weeks.

Just for the heck of it, I tried logging into my EON account and sure enough, my credentials were not recognized anymore.

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EON Card Renewal

Inasmuch as one can’t do an EON card renewal online, I thus had to personally visit my nearest Unionbank branch for this.

I approached one of those front desks and voiced out my intentions. Then,

  • I filled out a renewal form.
  • Surrendered my old EON card to the clerk.
  • Clerk asked me to show some ID. Presented her with my office ID. She did not ask for the usual photocopies of at least 2 IDs anymore.
  • Then, she said I wait 1 week for the new card.
  • Week later, I called her up and she said I can come to take it.
  • Claimed it. She said that after receipt, it will be activated after 24 hours.

That went rather smoothly. Two days later, I remembered to check its balance on an ATM machine. My old balance was there. I even withdrew some amount from it.

So, now that my EON card renewal is done, comes the EON Online Banking Account Renewal part.

EON Online Banking Account Renewal

Now, I need to renew my eon online banking account at the eon website so I can monitor my account and do banking online.


Reminder: Record your Previous Card Number!


Since, my old credentials are no longer recognized, I clicked on the ‘Click here‘ link under the ‘Did you lose or replace your EON card‘ phrase. Which brought me to the ‘Change my primary card‘ window.

It asked for:

  • User ID
  • Previous Card Number
  • New Card Number
  • New Card’s PIN

Problem: I made the stupid mistake of not saving or writing down my Old EON Card number. In the hope that I might have written it somewhere, I searched my wallet, the cabinets, drawers, refrigerator – all to no avail. And the deposit receipts only reflect the account number, not the card number. Lesson learned: Always record your EON Card Number and save it somewhere.

So, off to option 2. A new card has a different card number but still has the same account number. Thus, a NEW EON online account that is associated with this card would still connect to the same old account number.

With this premise, I thus clicked on the ‘ENROLL HERE‘ link under the ‘Start banking online with EON‘ phrase.

Input data.

enroll eon 2

Input your desired user ID. The other boxes are for your other desired user ID should the first be unavailable.

Click confirm on the next window.

enroll eon card 3

Fill out the next form, especially the ones marked with red asterisks.
enroll eon card 4

Then finally you’ll get to a window that says:

Your application for enrollment to E-banking has been received.
You can start banking online after two business days by logging-in using your approved User ID and ATM PIN.Your User ID is MYUSERID”

(Enrolled Friday 3/9/2012. As of this writing, I checked, no joy.)

BTW, I noticed the EON page doesn’t always open to a new window anymore.

Paypal Renewal

Once logged in to my Paypal account, I saw on the right side of the page these links:

  • Update my credit card info
  • Policy Updates

I Clicked on the first one. Then on the next window, I clicked on the ‘Add another card‘ button.

Then, I entered the details of my card.

Then, comes the verification part where Paypal withdraws a small amount from your card and will wait till you verify your card with the paypal code number. Only then will Paypal return the withdrawn amount, and give your card the ‘verified’ status.

How to get the paypal code

The expuse number/paypal code can be retrieved from the EON online data that you can check once logged in. Please check out my ‘Getting my EON Card and Paypal Verfication‘ post.

I had postponed the posting of this article hoping that my EON online account will get activated soon. Turns out, things are still so messed up at the UB sites. Looks like nothing has changed. You still can’t rely on their promises to get you up and running in 24 hours or 2 days, or whatever.

Now, should I finally get to log into my Unionbank EON online account, I’ll get my expuse number/paypal code there, and I’ll go back to Paypal and clicked on ‘Confirm my debit or credit card’ on the right side of the page. A popup shows this:

eon card renewal 1

I will then click on ‘Enter Paypal code’ and be off my merry way.


I’ll post an update as soon as EON gets its act together and activate my EON online account.

3/18/2012: Tried entering card number instead of username. A pop up said:

enroll eon card 5

“Newly Enrolled EON users can only login with User Id”

So, I entered again my user Id. Again it just says: “Please enter a valid Card Number or User Id.”

Looks like I may have to do the same thing I did last time. Call them by phone. Btw, I emailed them my concern earlier and am waiting for their reply.

3/18/2012 3:00 afternoon: I called up UB’s toll free number and got ahold of some helpful guy. He gave me my old card number and told me to go through the renewal again. Seems like if your case is like mine, it’s best to call them first, ask for your old card number and then renew your eon online account.

So I entered the data and clicked submit. I got this popup box that just contained a 5-digit number: xxxxx. When I clicked the popup box’s OK button, I faced the same form asking for old card number, etc. with the boxes blanked out. An error?

Having no clue what to do next, I think I’ll just wait for the guy’s email. He asked me my email address during our conversation. He also told me he’ll request head office to reset my account. So, since I called up on a Sunday, his request would be sent on Monday. I’ll try Tuesday then.

5/10/2012: All my attempts prior to now have all failed, which means that all my communications with UB support have never been acted upon except the last email I sent to them in which I made clear my displeasure at their non-action. I also pointed out that my paypal account is in danger of being seriously affected because I could not verify it with my EON card. All in all, I think it took 3 emails and 4 calls over a period of 2 months, more or less.

Well, today, I got an email from them and sure enough, I was able to log in successfully and access my account.

First thing I did was find the Paypal code from the past transactions. Then I updated my Paypal account successfully. Whew!