Richelle Mead: Frostbite

I like the character of this ‘little Dhampir’ named Rose Hathaway. She’s rebellious, impulsive, and sexy. She showed promise early on and delivered in the end, earning her stripes, or rather, her first molnija* marks. Her first two molnija marks.
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Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy

Richelle Mead’s Frostbite is the second book and a continuation of her Vampire Academy story. It tells a story, in the first person, through the main character, Rose Hathaway. Set in a remote woods of Montana is the vampire academy called St. Vladimir Academy. This is where two races of underworld folks converge to educate themselves and to protect themselves from another underworld not-so-friendly race.

These vampires are divided into Moroi, Dhampir, and Strigoi. The Moroi are vampires who prefer to feed on willing humans called feeders. These vampires are called living vampires. They can tolerate some sunshine. The Dhampir are half human, half vampire. They nourish themselves like regular humans. They are better off than ordinary humans however in terms of strength and sensitivity of the senses. They exist only for a very few reasons. Most of the men, and some of the women, are intensively trained in the art and science of protecting the Moroi royalty. Each Moroi royal is assigned at least one Dhampir guardian. And the Dhampir guard Moroi with their lives. It’s a mutual thing in that Dhampir can’t reproduce among themselves. Dhampirs need the Morois to continue their race. Morois need the efficiency of Dhampir guards, otherwise the Strigois will eat them to extinction.

The Strigoi are the strongest among these types of vampires. Strigois are considered immortal. Some Strigoi are former Moroi who turned themselves, either willingly or not, into Strigoi. A Moroi can turn into a Strigoi by feeding on a human, or another Moroi, until the victim dies. When this happens, the Moroi can totally no longer walk under the sun. While Moroi has magical gifts in the form of mastery over the elements (earth, water, air, fire, spirit), a Moroi who turns Strigoi loses all these gifts.


frostbite by Richelle Mead
Rose is a young Dhampir who is a close friend of Lisa Dragomir. Lisa is the last of the royal Dragomir line. A vehicular accident occurred a few years back where only Lisa and Rose survived. Technically, only Lisa was supposed to have survived, but because of Lisa’s gift of the mastery of spirit, Rose came back to life shadow-kissed. Rose got connected to Lisa through a one-way bond where she can sense Lisa’s feelings. This developed further where Rose can get into Lisa’s head and see and feel Lisa’s experiences at the moment.(This bond thing gave Mead great leeway in her first person story telling style for this book, I suppose).

The book follows the adventure of these young vampires with a few twists and turns in terms of their love interests, which, by their standards, are off line.
Richelle Mead author Vampire Academy
Hadn’t I read books and seen movies like Underworld, Twilight, and other vampire books**/movies, I would have liked this story fully. Having been conditioned with the sterotype of vampires, the Moroi seemed tame and domesticated. It’s difficult to imagine a vampire (Moroi) who would not fight, would not hunt, and who could walk in sunlight yet not be dangerous. Well, at least there’s the Strigoi, but they’re not the focus of the story.

I suppose this could be told as a regular story, without the vampire element, about regular human royal folks and their people and their royal enemies, and still sell. Okay, I’m no novel writer, nor am I a prolific novel reader, so I honestly wouldn’t know if it will sell.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading the two books, The Vampire Academy, and its sequel, Frostbite. Richelle Mead is one cool first person story teller.

Vampire Academy

*molnija marks are small x-like tattoos at the back of a guardian’s neck – one molnija mark for each Strigoi he/she has killed.

**Thanks to Joy Chan.


    1. Thanks Tina. I’ve just finished reading the 3rd book called “Shadow Kiss” where more of the best facet of Rose Hathaway is revealed. The ending urges me to hurry and read the next book, the final book of the Vampire Academy series. 🙂

      1. …and there goes the 4th book, Blood Promise. Just finished it. I thought the Vampire Academy series is just a 4-book series, but it looks like there might still be more coming up. Rose has yet to get into a second tryst with the love of her life…which could either end with her alive…or undead.

  1. It does sound like an interesting read James and I may consider it when I have more time on my hands.

    I agree though that the vampires that you hear about today is nothing like the evil blood sucking demons that Bram Stoker wrote about. I think that perhaps they are straying a little too far from the original vampires for my liking

    1. Sometimes I get the feeling that there are very rich vampires financing all these books and movies being released today. And their main purpose is to condition our minds so that eventually we’ll accept their presence in our society and even deify them and look up to them like movie stars. 🙂

      As long as they keep themselves far from me, I prefer my vampires to be dangerous and really mean. 🙂

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