Shaniah Niles’ Artworks

Like any 5 year old, my daughter, Shaniah Niles, loves to doodle whenever she gets ahold of paper and pencil and some crayons. She likes doodling/drawing so much she asked her mom to buy her a plastic slider so she could save her work there. And not only does she save her own work, she also puts in there her big brother’s (11 year-old James Lionel) or any other’s artwork (e.g. mine) that she finds to her liking.

Knowing how paper and all that’s written in it fades away with time, I decided to start taking pictures of her artworks. It’s probably not what you can call very excellent art, but I just thought she would appreciate it when, say, 12 years from now, she’d bumped into it when she type’s her name on google’s search box. Her mom even said that she’s gonna make a slide show out of it and she’ll have it shown on her debut several years from now.

Yes, Niles, my sweet daughter, these are some of your work when you were 5 years old. 🙂

Below, she told me that the folks she drew here are, from left, Daddy (me), James Lionel, Mommy, and Shaniah Niles (herself). That girl on the right is her nanny who accompanies her to school everyday. She must have drawn this last christmas.

I remember her showing me this work right after she came home from school. She pulled it, folded, off her Barbie purse.

This is a drawing of a (really tall) house, the sun, and blue sky.

I am not sure what this is. It’s either a picture of her mom, or a self-portrait.

A very sunny picture. Sun, rainbow, mountains below the rainbow, and those are clouds (not birds, she insists), a school bus, 2 boys (me and big brother), and 3 girls (Shaniah, mommy and nanny).

Now, I’m pretty sure this is a self-portrait, together with the sun and a smiling butterfly.

While sitting in a fastfood at the mall, waiting for our food to arrive, I borrowed her pencil and started doodling. When the food arrived, I forgot all about the doodle (I usually throw it away). When we got home, I noticed her very busy with her crayons. Looking over her shoulders, I found that she had taken the doodle and brought it home with her to color.

The slider book is bursting with all her collections. I have photographed only around one-twelfth of it, and it’s still growing by the day.


  1. Hello,

    I just got to say it …. AWWWW, that’s just so sweet, your daughter is such an angel, and she is good at drawing too!
    I remember I liked doodling like your daughter, every time I got chance, in fact even nowadays sometimes I doodle whenever I get the chance, hehe. Your daughter is very ambitious trying to write the alphabet and numbers, that’s great, she’s very smart for 5 years old.

    Best regards,

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    1. Thanks Maria. That last work there is my doodle which she colored up. Between me and her mom, I think I got an edge (which may not necessarily be sharp) in art. So, I guess it ‘s safe to say that my daughter took after his dad in terms of interest in art. 🙂

      Seriously, I’m not really good in art but I do know how to appreciate good art, especially the natural ones e.g. the sunset, fluffy clouds, that tree I pass by everyday as I go to work, my wife’s smile, etc.

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