Smule Sing! System Gaming Rant

It only takes a wee bit of listening to at least three random collaborations that made it to the killer karaoke section before you realize that these were actually not judged by some skilled expert or at least by a qualified singer. The judge actually is an algorithm set in by Smule coders which most probably relies heavily on the collaboration’s number of ‘loves’.

And precisely because of this, a lot of very industrious smulers have found ways to game the system. Thus, you’ll find crap mixed in with a few excellent collaborations comprising the killer karaoke section.

There could be more shady methods out there, but one of these is done through organizing groups. These groups have no other purpose but to provide ‘love’ to all collaborations of its members. You don’t even need to listen to the song. As soon as the love button shows up, you hit it, then move on to the next song.

Smule codes, you’ll find, have flaws in it. Because, I’ve seen, on several occasions where the number of ‘loves’ outnumber the number of ‘plays’! How the heck it can happen I have no freaking idea.
smule sing system gaming
If you’re a Smuler, you’ll know exactly exactly what I’m ranting about.


For a few weeks, smule seems to act on this quirk by putting a cap on the number of loves a smuler can give per day. And I saw the gamers’ crappy songs, which normally rake in 3 digit ‘loves’, take a dive with 2 digit ‘loves’.

But the KK section’s algo judges did not change. Now, since all the gamers can only reach a particular number of loves, say, 75, well, that’s the number that gets to hit kk. Now, the gamers can relax. They only need this much loves to get there.