Some New Things I’d Like to Try Out This Month

Firstly, these are not necessarily ‘new’ things, but to me, inasmuch as I’ve only read or heard of them now, they are.

To satisfy my curiosity, I am therefore embarking on trying them out this month.

  • Technique for Generating Ideas

    Although I’ve been into meditation on and off ever since I can remember, I haven’t really utilized it for such purposes as generating ‘dazzling ideas’. Now that this guy (please watch video above) is suggesting his technique of generating ideas without expending energy by thinking, I have a mind to try it out at least for this month. Who knows, if this works, I just might make it a permanent activity.

    At least for now, I’m going to try this out to churn ideas for posts so I can increase the frequency of my posts in this blog.

  • Buteyko Breathing Exercises

    I’ve stumbled upon this breathing exercise while looking for information about breathlessness which I sometimes experience while sleeping. This always wakes me up and gives me some panicky feeling afterwards which then prevents me from going back to sleep.

    I am beginning to practice these exercises with the aim of proving the validity of Buteyko’s findings. Some of his suggestions go against the widely accepted ‘truths’ which our doctors and scientists today proclaim. Remembering Copernicus, Galileo, to name a few who stood their ground even when everybody were thinking otherwise, I decided to give this idea a try. Who knows, if his ideas are good, I’ll not only reap the benefits, I will also earn bragging rights for having proven him right.

    I got my inspiration from this source:

  • Getting Serious with Google Plus

    I admit to having relegated G+ to nothing more than one more Google failed experiment. I was sure it’s going the way of the Google Wave. Spoof.

    Lately however, Google seems to be exerting all efforts to make G+ better and better. Although it still haven’t matched Facebook in terms of features and looks, I’ve a feeling it will eventually outrank Facebook due to some mistakes FB made in the spirit of commercialism, as expounded by Anise Smith here:

    So, this early, while I am not necessarily deactivating my FB account any time soon, I might as well build up my G+ account and make use of it to not only get connected with my FB friends who have G+ accounts, but also to avail of whatever benefits it can give to my blog.

Three new things to check out within the next 3 weeks is probably enough to keep me busy now. Hopefully these will prove to be beneficial to me.

If you’ve tried these things before, or have any ideas about them, you can freely express yourself by commenting below.