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When Studio 23 started announcing and showing teasers of a tv series called Star gate Atlantis sometime ago, I got so excited I can’t wait for it to start. I have watched the very first Stargate movie back in the stone age – around 1994. I remember my favorite character being that of Daniel Jackson, played by James Spader. So, the prospect of watching a tv series that runs on the same vein as that movie was like, wow, cool.

I didn’t know then about the facts behind the tv series. I thought it was a new series. So, I watched Star gate Atlantis dutifully one episode at a time on tv. Then, my son, who happens to like the same type of sci fi shows that I like, started to become impatient and tried googling about it. He soon discovered sites like that listed in exact order the Star gate Atlantis episodes and seasons. He also found out we could actually watch each episode online. However, the sites sometimes applied filters and allow only US based viewers. If not, they force you to download some application in order to view the episodes. Having experienced the effects of viruses and trojans (that comes with executables) before, I am now wary about installing new applications and so I shied away from these sites.

I soon found out that Stargate Atlantis is actually an old tv series. The first series about Stargate was SG-1 which was developed by Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright in 1997 when they decided to continue the story started by the Stargate movie. After SG-1 came Stargate Atlantis in 2004. The latest follow up to Stargate Atlantis was Stargate Universe.

Watch Star gate Atlantis Episodes Online

Me and my son are presently into Episode 11 Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis. What we did is use the lists on to guide us on the episode and season order. Then, we go to youtube and search using the phrase ‘stargate atlantis’ and the episode title. Yes, all the episodes are on youtube. All you need is a series guide so you’ll know the proper order and sequence to watch. Each episode is divided into 4 youtube movies. Actually, the ordered list in letmewatchthis are links which you can click to watch directly. But like I said earlier, it’s limited for US based viewers only. Thus, we have to make do with the youtube versions, which resolutions by the way are surprisingly good enough even for full screen viewing.

Here’s a little teaser for those who are still on the other side of the galaxy.

The official site, by the way, of Stargate is

You can find on sale VIDEOS (complete series collection or individual seasons/episodes) and Other Paraphernalia of Stargate Atlantis through this link: Stargate Atlantis


  1. The thing about watching this stuff online is that it can cost you a whole heap if you have the wrong package. I’m only allowed 20 gigs a month and so I would use that up pretty quickly if I was to watch movies online.

    Lucky for me I have FoxTell and I can watch all the series, including the original SG1.
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