100th Post

It’s actually nothing to really fuss about. When I accessed my WP dashboard, I just happened to see the number 100 on the upper portion of the page and realized that it meant I have just outputted 100 posts. Wow, I have finally managed to reach 100 posts. Other bloggers are able to publish their 100th post after a month, others even in less time. I got mine published after (…sustained drum roll…) 13 months, at an awesome whooping rate of 8 posts per month. (Pause until laughter dies down). Again, it’s no big deal, but there’s a novelty value about having written 100 posts, 1000 posts, and so on.

So, with an imaginary riot of drum rolls and clashing cymbals to provide fanfare, (and maybe throw in a couple hundred bikini clad entertainers jumping around in a beach setting), I hereunder present a few of the latest posts I’ve made that lead to the 100th post.

I also would take this opportunity to thank both readers and fellow bloggers who have, in one way or another, supported this blog along the way. Special thanks go to the following friends who have inspired me to keep moving by way of supportive comments they contribute every now and then.

This blog is not your usual structured blog that has some central theme from which the contents are based. This blog still hasn’t found its specific niche to set its foundation on. And I got a feeling it’ll never find it. For want of some tag line, I just threw in this ‘avant-garde blogging 101‘ line up in the header section. Like I’ve always said in previous posts, I’m keeping this a personal blog. Thus, I’d prefer to keep it off the restrictions of blogging rules, e.g. having to have a niche, etc.

There, having seen my dashboard telling me I’ve outputted 100 posts, I’ve now poured forth my feelings about it. This post now is my 101st post. 🙂