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(If you haven’t watched the movie 2012 yet, check out my earlier post ‘Wow 2012‘ and see the featured videos.)

I thought the movie 2012 is going to be released sometime after November so I was surprised when we saw it in the ‘Now Showing’ billboard in the mall last night. Luckily we came just early enough to catch the last full show.

The movie was entertaining enough and afterwards, even hours after watching it, I caught myself every now and then reflecting on the possibilities of it actually occuring. If I watch more youtube videos and reading 2012 articles by doomsday sayers, I’d probably cross the line from casual observer to actually believing in this. If that happens, I’d probably become one of those people walking the streets with placards saying ‘Repent! The end is near!’

I found myself funnily engrossed while watching it. I was more ‘scared’ at the preliminary stages of the cataclysm (the cracking of the streets) than the really violent parts where nature unleashed its fury without restraint. It’s because those early parts were more believable. Besides, the earth’s violence was sort of pushed in the background as the focus was on the emotions and actions of the five people in the car as they scramble and dashed and maneuvered through the carnage. That part was more amusing than scary, although you can’t help but take a big breath of relief afterward. And oh, I can’t believe the ‘professional’ movie makers behind the movie can make a slip by showing that really lazily created/editted and ‘unprofessional’ scene at the Vatican where the falling down of the structure on the mass of people was so deafeningly amateur.

I got a feeling that the casting and the movie directors may have spent some time debating whether to let John Cussack play the scientist hero or the divorced dad. He could play any of those roles convincingly I suppose. But of course had he played the role of scientist, some revisions on the scripts would have to be made so that he still could play the part where he dove underwater to untangle the stucked gears of the ark’s gate. No one should do that heroic part but him.

I also found it hard to believe that the movie makers didn’t entertain the idea of giving cameo roles to either Donald Trump or Bill Gates especially since Bill’s name was mentioned there. Richard Branson would look good parachuting his way into the ark while flashing his 1 Billion dollar ticket. (Hmmm… I think Emmerich should call me when he brainstorms for ideas next time.)

Some sources I’ve read said science is beginning to give the Mayans credit for their precise predictions and calendar. Does that mean that after going through the Y2K technical headache, we now are faced with another task of resetting our computer’s clocks (after 2012) to 0001 instead of allowing it to tick on to 2013?

Wow 2012!

I watched the trailer for the movie 2012 again today and found the cinematic effects nothing less than amazing. John Cusack plays the title role here and the trailer shows him and his family as they raced against angry nature’s violent upheaval. I found myself sitting at the edge of my seat as the trailer played on a miniscule youtube window. This must be one helluva movie to watch on the real big screen.

I also found that the thrill could be enhanced even further if (before watching the trailer) you watch at least 2 videos of scientists’ discussions about 2012. Here science and the Mayans seems to agree together on a date made even scarier by its precision: December 21, 2012.

After watching the trailer, I found another video, among several, that serves to at least calm the nerves and allay your fears.

Try to watch the following videos in the order they are presented.

Everything 2012 Part 1

Everything 2012 Part 2

2012 Movie Trailer

Makes you pause for a moment and reflect, didn’t it? Sure made me want to take a huge break to visit places on the opposite side of world, like say, France, so I would recognize it when parts of it lands on my backyard a couple of years from now. Or, perhaps my house would happen to be relocated on top of the Eiffel Tower. Hmmmn… also makes you smile when you think of your outstanding mortgage payables. But hey, before you go and apply for a new car loan, watch this next video first.

2012 Debunking